Color Explosion Quilt

Goodbye white walls! Here you will find the inspirations you need to have that beautiful colored wall you’ve always dreamed of. And believe me, it’s easier than you think. Many times we stop using colors in the decoration for fear of making mistakes and overloading the environment, obtaining an effect completely contrary to what was planned. But with the right tips and the right references, that fear goes away quickly and what remains is the boldness to use the colors you like best.

Shall we start coloring the walls? In this post you will learn more about it and learn how to make a beautiful burst of color bedspread. Any room in your house can receive colors on the walls, but you need to pay attention to the function of each room and how this color will look good for the decoration.

An example of color is red, a strong and vibrant color that can work very well in a kitchen or dining room, but can compromise the moment of rest in the bedroom. If you put too much blue in it, it can leave the atmosphere depressing, while in the bedroom the color induces relaxation. Therefore, the tip here is to research the psychological and physical effects of each color before applying it to the wall of your bedroom, living room, bathroom and other rooms; There are many ways to add color to the walls. The most common is the total and complete painting of the wall with the same color. Another variation is the half of the wall, where each part is painted in a different color, this option has become very popular today, it makes the wall much more beautiful.

There is the option of geometric walls, a great trend in interior decoration for those who are currently coming and that basically consists of drawing geometric shapes on the wall and painting the colors you want leaving the most beautiful environment and with your taste; Choose the wall colors of the decoration you want to create in the environment. You may also want to paint a wall to create contrast or just to highlight what’s in the decor. Another option is to use the same color with tonal variations, forming a gradient, or invest in complementary tones, those that oppose the chromatic circle, such as blue and yellow or pink and green;

In addition to the colors and shapes, you can also choose patterns – such as stripes, flags and borders – designs and textures, leaving the atmosphere cheerful, stripped and fun; For those who prefer to get away from painting, you can paint the walls by covering them with fabric, adhesive, wallpaper or tiles. Another model that is more successful are the slate walls, which, in addition to being colorful, guarantee that cheerful and informal touch to the environment, in addition to serving to draw and write reminders;

So, are you already convinced that it is possible to use a colored wall without risking overturning the decoration? Here are some tips: You can use colorful, unpretentious flowers on the wall to decorate a play area. The petroleum blue wall, in harmony with the color of the floor, welcomes those who arrive with charm and elegance. A children’s room can bet on a wall of colors and soft prints. In another room, the drawn wall brightens the atmosphere. For the modern bathroom, the option was to bring color and marbled texture to the wall.

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