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Why is the expression free quilting so common in Brazil, and what does it really mean? If you are a quilter with a recurrent presence here on our blog, you have read us talking about “free quilting” a thousand times. You may wonder: is this the same thing as free quilting? is quilt different from quilting? And, probably, if you use the expression free quilt, you don’t even know it: but you are making a terrible mistake. It is that most of the words around the activity of quilting are American and this creates the greatest confusion, mainly because not everyone speaks English and even those who speak do not understand very well, because these expressions of handicrafts are a specific language!

Just like, here in Brazil, if I tell you “a thread got tangled in my shuttle” you will know exactly what I am talking about. But my neighbor (who speaks Portuguese, of course, but does not sew) will have no idea what I mean. And she might even think that I am talking dirty!

This is more or less what happens when people go to learn quilting, patchwork, English in general… If it doesn’t make sense in English, no problem, the important thing is that it makes sense in Portuguese… Well, I just said: it makes sense in Portuguese! Well, the big problem in all of this is education! Teachers who think it’s cool that they are not qualified. And students who can’t even do an Internet search, because they don’t know the right term! And, excuse me, but I think that doing an Internet search nowadays is an essential thing, that is, you don’t know the essentials! But that’s why the OQS team made this post!

LET’S MAKE THE QUILT FREE! LET’S MAKE THE QUILT FREE ONCE AND FOR ALL! And we will explain all this mess to you! We are trusting and believing that you will not only stop talking nonsense, but that you will share this great information with all your patch and quilting friends! Here goes:
– QUILT = quilt (final finished piece)
– FREE QUILT = a quilt that lives the freedom of being who it is, is not anyone’s slave, and owes nothing to anyone!
– FREE QUILTING = a sewing technique to quilt a piece, made only with free movements, that is, by eye!

Get it now?! Let’s not get too long here on all the variations of the word quilt. Because that would be an English class and nobody wants that, right? (Or do you?! If you do, just ask here in the comments and we’ll get right on it!) The important thing is that from this moment on you have learned something very important: free quilting is not a technique, it is not an activity! And now you can stop using this term, which shows that you have not studied QUILTING enough to know how to use the terms correctly! Oh, and one more thing: our intention with this post is not to judge anyone (because we had to dig a lot to understand these little details). But to contribute with the essentials! And all this started with the commotion of the post where: ODE TO FREE QUILTING! This series will be controversial from beginning to end. If you want to know everything about Free Quilting! Then this is it! If you like it, be sure to comment here so we can find out!


Coats & Clark Cuddly T-Shirt Quilt in color

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