Classic Granny Square Blanket

Hello people who accompany us on the crochet site, like any type of crafts, how about a great idea to relax, recreate and even generate extra income at the end of each month gladly. Know this, is it impossible to deny the caprice and love that only handmade things carry? So come on, it’s no wonder they are winning more and more people, producing or consuming only the pieces of the Classic Granny Square blanket, which is a beautiful pattern that we will learn. Whoever has always wanted to learn the art of crochet, discover everything you need to venture into this technique, is in the right place.

If you did or knitted, check out some ideas and inspirations for your possible new job and extra income at the end of the month. Starting a new hobby can be a lot of fun and also great. But don’t forget, it is not always so simple to research and gather all the information necessary to learn the basics of crochet. If you plan to learn crochet, here you will have good first steps to learn this beautiful technique.

Did you know that all crafts require exclusive materials and crochet will be no different. One of the general rules that can not be missing, you will need a needle and thread, as basic, but sometimes the needle can be replaced even by fingers or arms these things can not be missing to make beautiful crochet. Interesting right? Now everything depends on the type of pattern you intend to produce, after all, within the crochet technique, there is a wide variety of developments and styles and one pattern is more beautiful than another. Look for the details of what you intend to produce, to ensure that you have the right things ready for you. We cannot forget another essential tip is that the packaging of the materials, of the threads, gives a certain indication of the size of the needle to be used in the work. And whenever you are in doubt, just trust the guidelines provided here of this beautiful pattern. Now, if you don’t know exactly what you want to produce in crochet, you can choose the Classic Granny Square blanket from the bead.

A suggestion for you to learn this beautiful pattern, the plausible suggestion would be a thread that you find graceful (so that it is even easier to be enchanted with the final advances of crochet) and a double pointed needle that has at least one side in the pre- indicated on the yarn you chose to make the pattern. But after buying your basic crochet kit, just go to the known points. Again, there are many techniques within this universe. Now, with the basic points learned, like current, low, high and low – it is already possible to invent / produce many things and evolve to other points, with the Classic Granny Square blanket you will do well, but know that you are not alone in this world colorful crochet with beautiful patterns available, many started or were where you are, I know I could do amazing things with my hand, so let’s work and make this beautiful pattern.

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Craft For The World wants to thank you for providing us with the complete pattern of this beautiful work: by Kelly McClure. Follow your step by step carefully and start your project. The complete pattern is just below in PDF and is attached here for free to do this excellent job. Crochet is a very old traditional art among artisans. Even so, there will always be beginners interested in learning how to do this excellent handiwork! Although it sounds complicated, crochet can be amazing! However, when you learn something, what else comes up? It’s normal to have doubts, or rather, of course a thousand doubts, and that’s okay!


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