Circle of Friends Block

Be more than welcome to Craft For The World, we always try to bring the best and most modern standards, since the world of crafts has grown more and more over the years and as good artisans we have to update ourselves with each passing day and it’s always good to practice. There is nothing better than starting the week with a new quilt pattern, learning, practicing and increasing your knowledge. It is always good to challenge yourself by creating new patterns, as this will increase your level of difficulty and automatically improve your skills.

In this matter we will learn a pattern called Circle of Friends Block, it is a very beautiful pattern, experienced quilter and has a design that gives a wonderful result. You can use strong, light colors or with the combination of the two, making tone on tone, it is clear that you need to use colors that will decorate with the decoration of the place.

It is important to remember that the colors have to be in harmony, if you work with it and your client is in doubt, give this advice to him! Also have several colors, so that your client has more options, remembering that it is a great gift option!

Circle Of Friends Quilt Block Is Great For Getting Together – Quilting Cubby

The size of the quilt depends on how many squares you will make and thus sew making only one piece and obviously the model you want, because the quilt also gives us the freedom to use our imagination, so you can make a quilt, a cover for sofa, rug, a blanket to cover or even put on the wall… have you thought about this decoration option?? You can use it in any environment, be it in your living room or bedroom, giving a personalized touch to your home or being a great gift. It is a pattern that is worth investing, you will be passionate about the result!

First of all the best thing to do is to choose your fabric, the colors and finally wash and iron all the pieces to better sew, and start the job. There are many squares, therefore, just like any other, it takes time to be done and it is always good to be attentive, have focus and dedication so that the blanket comes out as planned! It is an easy project that you can do with friends, family or alone if you prefer.

Below the tutorial, with the pattern step by step, having all the information you will need to carry out this wonderful work. Have determination and a great job, believe in yourself and in any impotence give up!


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