Caron Southwest Stripe Crochet Blanket

Crochet as we know it today emerged in the 16th century, and one of the most accepted theories about its origin suggests that it originated in Arabia, the Middle East, and around the world thanks to the Mediterranean trade route, in tribes in South America. Another theory is that crochet originated in China, as the Chinese used the technique to make dolls, apparently before there was any practical evidence for it in the Middle East.

Wherever this art appears, the truth is that it spread around the world starting in the 19th century, when Riego de La Branchardière in France designed patterns that could be reproduced by people, and even published about 100 books to spread the technique. Check out the origins of the recipes there! Then there is “air crochet,” a French technique that uses only thread and needle, as we know it. After all, it used to have an embroidery-like “drum”, see the example in the photo above.

The technique was performed by more humble people, which generated a certain devaluation. Crochet was seen as a cheaper way to create lace and bobbin, which were extremely expensive and luxurious. Until Queen Victoria (pictured above), of England, started buying the pieces and learned how to produce them, which changed the mentality of the people of the time and put the pieces on the level of fashion. Due to the French Revolution, the technique also started to be spread to the nobility, becoming a hobby and then widely accepted by the elites. Other theories about the emergence of crochet: As you know, there is no concrete answer about the origin of this art. As such, there are many other theories about the possible places and historical periods in which crochet originated. Let’s take a look at some of them below: Some people believe that crochet is a sewing technique that originated in China and is a different form of embroidery. As a result, the technology gradually spread to the Middle East and Europe in the 1700s.

What Materials are Necessary to Work with Crochet: The initial cost for those who wish to work with crochet is not very expensive. You can start working with few resources, and make a good profit from the sale of the pieces. It’s worth a try! To start, you should have:

  • Crochet needles: these needles are not the sewing needles you already know. They are elongated rods (about 15 cm long), with a small hook on one end. This hook is used to pull the thread when crocheting. The needles come in various sizes divided by letters, millimeters or numbers. Their size will vary according to the material you will be using. In general, thread is used, but it can be other materials such as yarn, wool, knitting, among others. The needles found in ancient times were basically made of bones and wood. The specific models for crochet, began to appear in the nineteenth century and the hook was removable. Later, with technological evolution, the needles began to be whole and with a fixed hook. Today, we have needles for all tastes, in steel, aluminum, bamboo, acrylic and with ergonomic handle.

There is no material that is better than another. Each one is specific to your piece. Therefore, there are only different materials.

  • Yarn: this is the material that will be used to make the crochet piece. In this case, yarns can be both natural and synthetic. The most commonly used are: cotton, linen, and nylon. There are other materials, such as soy silk or acrylic yarns, which are also used. But it is not very common.


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