Caron Random Waves Crochet Blanket

Welcome to Craft For The World, get to know some of the health benefits of seawater, you will be surprised! Many people go to the beach to relax, rest, get in touch with nature, and sunbathe. However, most people do not know that sea water also provides several health benefits. When we go into the sea we feel an immediate relaxation of the body, but know that besides the relief of anxiety this water is powerful to treat several diseases. Every day new discoveries are made about the medicinal properties of seawater.

Check out some benefits of seawater: For insomnia: Insomniacs can recover lost sleep and get a good night’s sleep by spending the whole day on the beach, in front of the sea, breathing in the breeze, listening to the sound of the waves, and in contact with the water.

Have you ever spent a few hours at the beach and noticed that after returning home you felt calmer and more relaxed? Most people would probably agree that the beach, the mild weather, and the coming and going of the waves have a calming effect, but what if I told you that the beach can also affect your overall well-being, your mental health, and even change your brain? Let’s find out some scientifically proven ways in which the beach can benefit your health. Lora Fleming, from the University of Exeter in England, says that the concept of the beach as a health benefit has been around for a long time and is well established. Around the 18th century, doctors would prescribe visits to so-called “bathing hospitals,” which were located on the beach, and special treatments of bathing with seawater were administered there. However, Fleming also says that only recently have scientists begun to study more about the benefits that beaches can have for our health.

They activate the prefrontal cortex of your brain – The prefrontal cortex is a part of the human brain that is often associated with emotions and introversion (although it still performs many other functions). This part of the brain becomes more active when we hear the sound of the sea. Scientists also exposed the same test persons to traffic noise and found that they did not experience the same positive effects when compared to the sound of the waves.

  • For the immune system: A study conducted by the University of Alicante in Spain found that sea water strengthens the body against viruses and bacteria and reinforces the body’s immune system. Sodium chloride, the substance that makes seawater salty, enables better functioning of the body’s cells, especially the immune cells.
  • For healing: Sea water is rich in mineral salts, such as sodium and iodine, elements that have healing and antiseptic action for the skin. However, cleaning with drinking water is indispensable in case of injury.
    For the lungs: When we dive into the sea, we breathe out the air in our lungs. This movement cleans the bronchi.
  • Calms and eliminates Anxiety: Because it contains magnesium, sea water is an important calming agent and considerably relieves anxiety. Those who live tense with the stress of everyday life, should go to the beach not only for the relaxing environment, but also for its calming medicinal properties.
  • For the muscles: Sea water is rich in magnesium, a substance responsible for relaxing the body’s muscles. A swim can help reduce stress and help you sleep better.
  • To renew your energies: The idea that a dip in the sea helps renew your energy is not just a figure of speech. The salts present in the water help normalize the body’s biochemical reactions, energizing the organism.


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