Caron On Crest Of Wave Crochet Shawl

In most families, there is always someone who is more skilled in this art of transforming different types of yarn into a garment or decoration. Crochet does not necessarily have to remind us of an older lady sitting in her chair, weaving her crochet works. Crochet is something that, across cultures, is and always has been present. Crochet or crochet is the process of using crochet needles and some continuous yarn to make fabric, usually wool, cotton yarn, silk, etc., but you can also use wire, rope, or other novelty materials. The word crochet comes from the Old French crochet, which is an acronym for crochet, and in turn comes from the Germanic word croc, both meaning “hook.”

Connect separate laces. The term “crochet needle” is then used to describe the specific type of fabric and the crochet needle used to produce it. How to wear shawls, scarves and pashiminas: Heroines, scarves, scarves, pashiminas, shawls and the like are already part of our looks in all seasons, but with the arrival of winter, the use of these accessories becomes indispensable. There is a huge variety of fabrics, colors, and textures available in the market, for all kinds of styles, occasions, and temperatures. However, because of this diversity it is not always easy to identify the difference between them and the best way to use each one. Let’s go to the models:

  • Scarf – long rectangles, usually made of wool. It is also very common to find scarves made of knitting or crochet. The scarf is ideal for colder days, as it covers the neck and lap.
  • scarf – a long rectangular strip of fabric made of light fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, or voile. Most have a fringed finish. Besides being wrapped around the neck, it can also be worn over the shoulders, and because it is made of lighter fabrics, it can also be worn in warmer temperatures.
  • Collars – collars have arrived to imitate the design of the scarf wrapped around the neck, and are usually made of the same material. They are a great styling trick, because they add a touch of flair to any outfit. Besides, they are small, take up little space, perfect for traveling.
  • Scarves – they are usually square, made of light and delicate fabrics such as silk, cotton, or satin. They go with all temperatures, including summer. They are usually smaller than shawls, and are also extremely easy to wear. You can fold them diagonally and tie them around your neck, your bag, your waist, or your hair. Use and abuse your creativity, beloveds.
  • Pashimina – is a type of shawl, usually rectangular and wide, what differentiates it from the others is the material. It is always made of 100% cashmere (hair from the belly of the wild Himalayan goat) or combinations of cashmere with silk or viscose.
  • Shawl – is a rectangular or square piece of fabric, made in heavier fabrics. If it is square, it is usually folded diagonally, forming a triangle, and worn at shoulder height. If it is rectangular it can be used to cover the neck, the back or the shoulders.

Now some important tips:

  1. Scarf tied around the neck calls for discreet earrings;
  2. Those who have large breasts should avoid scarves tied at their height;
  3. Tight scarves or scarves should only be worn by those with long necks – otherwise wear them looser.
  4. After all these tips I am sure that you will be a knockout in your beloved winter productions!


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