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Welcome to Craft For The World, gloves are in fashion, learn how to use the fashionista accessory. Short, long, or colorful? Check out the possibilities in a series of amazing looks. Winter is definitely the season of the most elegant and well-made clothes. It is with this freezing weather that the productions stand out and beautiful accessories appear that in the summer, have no place. Long boots, berets, sweaters, scarves, and gloves are part of women’s closet during the season that starts in June in the planet’s southern hemisphere. But speaking of gloves, they are synonymous with glamour and sophistication in looks.

Nowadays it is easy to find gloves in several styles, colors, and shapes, from the more traditional ones to daring models, such as those with studs. Besides being beautiful, gloves give a whole charm to the look, whether for social events or for a walk in the street.

The basic colors: black, caramel, or beige make up more elegant and elaborate looks. Mixing these models with heels, marked waists, and warm jackets is very interesting. Black gloves with studs give a rocker look and match perfectly with the night;
Fingerless Gloves: a very urban model that matches with less elaborate productions. Wear them with jeans, leggings, and miniskirts, mixed with T-shirts, T-shirts, and unbuttoned shirts. The most easily found types are cashmere or metallic leather;
Biker: This style goes well with short skirts, thick socks, and boots, but one must know how to balance the pieces. It is a glove that gives the idea of a heavy style, so lace and fine fabrics do not go well.

Care with the piece – Having a beautiful pair of gloves requires special care, after all, regardless of the material, they only look beautiful when they are clean and in perfect condition. Gloves require different maintenance for each fabric they are made of. It is necessary to keep them away from contact with chemical products before and after use, in addition to paying attention to the objects that are handled. In wool and cotton gloves it is very easy to unravel with a little tug. It is important to store the pieces in a ventilated place to avoid mold, remembering to leave them out of the box or closet at least once a month for airing. In the case of leather, it is recommended to clean it with a wet cloth and leave it in the sun for a little while, so it won’t dry out and will last longer.

An accessory little used in the Brazilian winter: the glove. That’s right! And you don’t even have to be cold to go for it, okay? The idea is to include it as part of the look, to complete and highlight the production. For this, forget the traditional items! It is worth investing in colorful and printed pieces. Come and get inspired by our tips! The gloves trend does not include only plain models. The first tip when putting together a look with a handmade piece, whether crochet, knitting, or any other technique, is to let this piece shine alone in the look. You can mix textures with other elements of the look, but preferably let the crochet piece be the only one in the look. This makes it easier to coordinate the elements, especially if you are a beginner like me. But if you want to be more daring, we’ll talk about mixtures of textures later on!


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