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Traveling with kids is really a challenge! Choosing all the items and preparing the suitcase can seem like a marathon. With that in mind, we cannot fail to mention something that is indispensable. A child’s cold cap is one of the most important accessories to protect the little ones from the cold temperatures. Why and how to use a children’s cold cap? Some people think that a cap doesn’t make that much difference, but in addition to proper winter clothing, wearing a cap is essential!

Below, see why it is such an important accessory:

  1. To protect and provide more comfort – The main reason to count on a child’s cold cap in your little one’s outfit is that he or she will feel more comfortable. This is because comfort is not just about how a garment fits, but how it makes us feel in the environment we are in. Thus, having their head covered by a cozy fabric will make your child feel good no matter what the weather is like.
  2. Helping to balance body temperature – A cold cap for children provides a more pleasant feeling because it helps to balance body temperature. Since our nervous system is based on the signals we send, by covering our extremities – hands, feet, and head, for example – we indicate to the neurotransmitters that the body will be more comfortable. Therefore, before traveling to destinations with very low temperatures, make sure your children have extra hats.
  3. Create stylish looks – Besides all the protection and care for the little ones, creating the much-loved children’s “look” is one of the activities that moms love the most! Caps, by the way, are items that can help a lot to make the productions even more beautiful!
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When the baby is being born in the mother’s womb, her body adapts to maintain a comfortable temperature for the baby so that it can develop safely. At the time of birth, the baby needs to adapt to the temperatures of his new environment, which ends up making him suffer a little bit when he gets out of his mother’s womb, since the environment inside is warmer and cozier than the environment outside of it. And it is precisely because of this adaptation that you need to use a newborn baby cap.

Why use a newborn baby cap? As we mentioned before, after birth, the baby goes through a period of adaptation to the temperatures of the outside world, so using a newborn baby cap is extremely important to help this process by keeping the baby warm and comfortable during this adaptation period. As soon as they are born, babies have a certain sensitivity to cold or heat, since when they are in their mothers’ wombs they feel neither. Therefore, it is recommended to use caps, socks, and gloves to speed up the adaptation process and keep warm areas that are more difficult to warm, such as the hands, head, ears, and feet.

How long does the newborn have to wear a cap? During the first months of a newborn’s life, their skin is extremely thin and sensitive, which causes irritation very easily; besides, it is quite difficult for them to adapt to the temperatures around them, since they cannot regulate their own temperature, being quite sensitive to changes in them, as we have already mentioned. The recommended time for the newborn to wear a cap is about 3 months, after this period his skin will start to thicken little by little and he will begin to acquire the ability to regulate his temperature.


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