Caron Crochet Patchwork Blanket With Visible Seams

You may have noticed that modern crochet was featured in the international fashion weeks. Definitely the fashion weeks 2020 brought new air. This is because the brands looked inward and invested in reinterpretations of the craft. The choice of crochet as the great promise for the coming seasons is not random. Although it has no defined origin, the technique has been passed between generations, reaching the most diverse cultures. In other words, it is an art connected to cultural manifestations. In addition, it represents the class of artisans who are increasingly valued in the production of fashion. DO YOU KNOW WHICH TYPES OF DECORATION ARE IN FASHION? Among the most popular trends in recent times are.

CLASSIC – A style that stands the test of time is called classic. Originating from times when there was no room for minimalism, for some people it is the type of decoration that best conveys a cozy feeling. For others, it can be excessive, since it relies on the presence of many furniture and objects. In this decoration, we find floral prints, crystal chandeliers, carved wood, and upholstered furniture. The classic style is indicated for large environments that can hold all the objects (in compact places, they can hinder people’s circulation). In more recent reinterpretations of this style, light colors are predominant on the walls and floors, as well as in the details.

RETRĂ” – This decoration also refers to past times, but not to such an old time, since its references are the 50s, 60s, and 70s. That’s why it uses patterns and tones that were common in these periods, such as geometric figures, many colors, and shades of brown, brought about mainly with the use of wooden furniture. With these characteristics, the retro style goes well in warmer climates, because it reinforces the lively and colorful atmosphere.

Caron Crochet Patchwork Blanket with Visible Seams​ | Yarnspirations

MODERN/CONTEMPORARY – This decorative line prioritizes straight lines, neutral tones, details in primary colors, and plain pieces. It is more practical and avoids excesses, because its main goal is to ensure comfort and functionality. The highlight of this style is the use of technology, especially in lighting and electronic devices. A modern or contemporary decoration matches any kind of climate, but it goes very well, especially with homes located in large cities. It is common to see it both in family homes and in homes for young people who live alone.

FUTURISTIC – When you think of futuristic decoration, what probably comes to mind is a house in the style of the Jetsons cartoon. In a way, the reference makes sense, because this style is associated with technological evolutions and the improvements that this advance brings to our routine. That’s why this decoration always features state-of-the-art devices: instead of a TV, for example, there will probably be a big screen or projector in the living room. Wired devices? No way! Everything is wireless in a futuristic house. The home automation system is a key point in this type of decoration! There is also abuse of unusual shapes and strong colors, especially in furniture such as sofas, armchairs and chairs. Referring the details to outer space is also remarkable in the futuristic style, and the lighting made with spots of colored lights, for example, helps to bring the brightness of the stars, the moon, or the planets into the house.

ASIAN – The oriental decoration has gained many adepts, especially those who sympathize with the life habits practiced in countries like Japan, China, or India. These people are usually more Zen and naturalist, and identify themselves with the use of natural fabrics in the decoration, such as jute or sisal in carpets, and cotton or linen in sheets. Images of oriental deities are also common in the homes of those who adopt this style, such as statues of Buddha (Buddhist god) or Shiva (Hindu god). The Asian decoration is usually clean and with basic colors, besides valuing natural light and the contact with the environment, especially through the cultivation of plants or other details such as water fountains, aquariums, and candles.


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