Caron Crochet Mod Leaves Pillow

A pillow can be much more than just an extra point of comfort in your decor. It can be the item that unites the look of your spaces, the one that brings a soft texture to the room, or that brightens and colors a darker room. Often, something as simple as a few pillows can change the aesthetics of furniture or the essence of an entire room. How to choose pillows? The way you will lay out your pillows can vary according to the size of the furniture. Whether you want to put them on your sofa or decorate your bed, there are several options to complete your space. You can choose by color, shape, texture, material, or size. The best option is to have a variety of models and cover alternatives to change the look whenever you want.

HOME OFFICE – In the home office the pillows appear discreetly, but are responsible for making the environment cozier. Usually, they are found on chairs or sofas and armchairs found in this environment. Here you can choose whether to leave the decor more neutral and bet on the cushions to give a touch of style or, if you will leave the decor more “heavy” and more neutral cushions just to provide that touch of coziness!
PARTY AREA / GOURMET AREA – If you have a party area at home, you know the importance of welcoming your guests, don’t you? After all, besides good food, nothing is better than being able to sit comfortably and talk for hours. The cushions can play a super important role in this area; placing them on chairs and stools provides more comfort, besides adding a super touch of style to the decor. Ah, and you know that old chair that is in the corner because you are embarrassed to put it up for a visit? Then bet on a super cushion and use it again with comfort. Another cool tip is to spread cushions on the floor, on hot days, making a circle of friends on the floor is very cool, besides making the moment much more fun!
LIVING ROOM – Last, but not least, is the living room! Here everyone already knows that pillows are very welcome, right? So our tip is to get creative and play with colors, prints, and styles. This way, you will always have your living room very well decorated and of course, super comfortable to receive your friends and family!

Caron Crochet Mod Leaves Pillow | Yarnspirations

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we talk about pillows? I bet your answer is: living room! However, have you ever thought that they can be great allies in the decoration of almost any room in the house? We give you 4 incredible decoration tips to make your home more comfortable!

  • Bedroom: Whether for a couple’s room, a child’s room, or a teenager’s room, pillows are always a great success! Besides bringing a super cozy air to the environment, they can also decorate and even define the style of a room.
  • Double rooms: For example, in a double room, pillows can range from neutral colors to more colorful prints (which are very much in line with the couple’s preferred style). They are welcome on the bed, or even on the booster chair.
  • Children’s room; In the children’s room the pillows can contribute a lot to the decoration. When very small, they can bring neutral colors and pastel shades, providing a light and comfortable environment. As the child gets older, the pillows start to become more colorful and with lots of patterns. At this stage, they begin to discover animals and characters, so a good tip is to let the children help choose the pillows, making the room a unique place that they will love! You can use the pillows to “change the face” of the decoration as the child grows, without having to move too much in furniture and walls. A different pillow here and there, and the room will be renewed. Remember that at this stage, the pillows can be on the bed and even on the floor, for when the child sits down to play.
  • Teenager’s room: Teenagers go through different phases and at that age they usually don’t care much about decorating, right? The pillows can be great allies at this time, after all in this phase they enjoy bands, movies, series … and that’s where the pillows can come in! A way to decorate with super style.


Caron Crochet Mod Leaves Pillow | Yarnspirations

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