Caron Crochet Mitered Ridges Shawl

Grandma’s piece turned into a fever! The shawl is no longer a piece from grandmothers’ closets, but has gained a very modern look. The most traditional way to wear it is like this, over the shoulders. The ends can be attached to each other, to protect the lap from the cold, or left loose, giving a casual look. A good option for warmth is the rustic, handmade style. If you are talented, you can even make your own! When it comes to putting together the look, the secret is the colors: choose clothes in shades that are close to those of the shawl. The brown pants balance with the orange of the piece. The thinner fabrics blankets can also be worn over the shoulders. And then they can be used as a shawl.

The crochet shawl is an extremely versatile piece that has a wide variety of combinations and options. This variety will make you have fun wearing it and making amazing combinations. Whether in the fall or winter, the shawl will go well with all styles, and will always keep you warm. It is a one-piece garment for cold days that is worth having a piece (or more) in your closet. How to wear a crochet shawl? These versatile accessories use a small amount of yarn (depending on size) and can be great for that change in look. They are also the perfect accessory for a variety of styling options. Below, you will discover five ways you can wear crochet shawls.

Caron Crochet Mitered Ridges​ Shawl | Yarnspirations

Over the shoulder: This is the easiest and most classic way to wear a shawl. Place it over your shoulders with the tip of the triangle in the back. The design goes down your back, but your arms remain free to run errands, work on a computer, or stay at home. Like a scarf: Crumple the scarf and wrap it around your neck like a scarf or bandana, with the tip of the triangle in front. This position shows off a nice seam, keeps the front warm, and looks great under a heavy jacket. Off to the side: For a more glamorous look, wear the shawl with the tip of the triangle to the side and pin the arm. It’s harder to move your arms with a shawl put on like this, but it’s perfect for a night on the town, at dinner, or at the theater.

Over your head: When the weather turns nasty (and if you don’t mind leaving the shawl damp) wrap it over your head for extra protection from heat and styling. When you need your head to stay warm, but don’t want to get a “hat head” look, try this style as an alternative to a hat. Belted around the waist: Keep your shawl conveniently out of the way by tying it around your waist. Bending and moving is much easier with a shawl tied around your waist. If you want to wear it, you’ll have to adjust how you wear the shawl throughout the day, you can tie the longer ends around your waist while letting the triangle end fall down your back. From back to front, want to surprise? Swap the sides of the shawl, using the back end of the triangle for the front. This one in the photo also has bangs – another winter fever – that make the piece very current. This way of wearing it allows you to wear a blazer or a warmer jacket, without compromising the accessory. The ideal is that its tip should be aligned with the final portion of your coat. The thinner shawls go very well with dresses, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones. Be a hit on occasions such as graduation parties and even weddings.


Caron | Yarnspirations

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