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Crochet is beautiful and gains notoriety wherever it goes, we all know that, don’t we? As we learn more about the history of the art we wear or dress up in, it becomes more vivid and important. That is why we are here more about the history of crochet and how this art has won the hearts of almost everyone. The word crochet means hook and comes from the Nordic dialect. The name is derived from its needle point, which is slightly curved, resembling the shape of a hook. Some scholars claim that the name was inspired by the French word croc, which has the same meaning.

A similar art, that is, not the crochet itself that we have today, but one that dates back to prehistoric times. However, the technology was already similar to what we use today, appearing in the 16th century. Among the various theories about its emergence, the one that is the most accepted is reported by the Danish writer Lis Paludan, suggesting that the technique would have originated in Arabia. And by means of trade routes, through the Mediterranean, it would have reached Spain. From there, the technique began to spread to various places.

Other Theories About the Origin of Crochet – As you already know, there is no concrete answer about the origin of this art. Therefore, many other theories exist of possible places and periods of history in which crochet originated. Let’s look at some of them below: Some argue that crochet is a sewing technique that originated in China, as a different form of embroidery. Thus, gradually the technique was spread to the Middle East and Europe in 1700.

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If you are interested in starting a career working with crochet, first of all you have to choose the type of garment you are going to sell. It is good that you know well about the products you will produce and the audience that will buy them. This way, you will know how to work on the sale of each piece, and also in your creation process. After choosing the type of product, you need to learn the crochet technique. To do this, you can search for a place that offers this type of class. Or you can check the availability of some online courses. There are several on the Internet. Several teaching platforms offer the crochet course, to develop the most up-to-date techniques, from the simplest to the most elaborate. It is important to make it clear that to form the pieces you want to sell, your creativity will be the crucial point. This is the difference between people who excel in the area or not. Before you start selling your pieces, you will need to understand a little about finance, to be able to calculate your cost price (how much you spent to make a piece), and your selling price (how much each piece will sell for).

These values must be analyzed calmly, so that you do not put a price that your customer will not pay, nor put a value that you will have a loss with the sales of your products. After taking the course, it is important to start creating small pieces so that you can get a little more practice. In this way you will be able to adapt a good portfolio, and you will be able to show your pieces to potential customers. A more current form of sales is to create an account in a social network with the name of your small business. And start taking some pictures. As you post, you will begin to attract an audience that admires your work. Studying a little bit about digital marketing can help you with this. Always keep your business’ social networks updated, and whenever possible, respond to followers who ask for information. For sure, you will have a very positive result selling crochet pieces. Thus, in addition to spreading a very old art technique, you will also have an extra income.


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