Caron Crochet Granny Hexagon Pouf

Have you ever stopped to think about the versatility of pouffes? They can be used in several rooms of the house and besides fitting in any corner, they are also very useful in everyday life. If you have a small space, for example, and do not have room to put many chairs, the pouffes are ideal, since they fit anywhere. We have separated examples of how to use the puffs in some rooms of the house. Don’t miss these tips!

In the bedroom, they can be used as a nightstand, supporting cell phones, books, and other small objects that need to be beside the bed, so it is easy to wash them from one side to the other when necessary. A puff on the side of the bed as a support for a lamp. A great and super practical idea! In the living room, they can have several functions. If you have a small living room and don’t have room for huge sofas and armchairs, the pouffes are a great option. After all, they can be used for sitting or as side tables, coffee tables, and even footstools. Besides being great allies in the decoration, of course!

In the living room, the pouffes can be discrete and well kept, but they add a special charm to the decoration and when you need another place, just take them! Super practical! In the home office, the pouffes usually have a more decorative role and are found in more neutral colors and prints, used only to complement the decor. But, nothing prevents it from being used to accommodate someone. Discreet, modern, and super cozy are the puffs. On the balcony they are also great allies, and can even be used as a coffee table. In this environment, it’s nice to play with colors and models of puff, which can be from the more traditional square models, the models with stick feet and also the floor puffs themselves, which make this environment even more comfortable.

A puff here, a puff there, and when you need another place, just choose which puff to use! How about starting to use the puffs at home? You will love the result in your decoration and love the practicality they provide! Believe me, pouffes can be a great tool for decorating and organizing your room. There’s no one who doesn’t like a soft and stylish puff, right? But it’s not for nothing, besides being extremely comfortable, pouffes are versatile, they can be used in several environments and add an extra charm to any decoration. When space is scarce, pouffes are true allies. Although it is a small piece of furniture, it has several possibilities of being inserted in the environment in a way that adds value to the space. Do you want to know more about this piece of furniture, how to insert it, and some of its types? Just read this article until the end.

Functions of the puff – Think about your needs and the available space, this is the best way to find out which model of pouf for the living room best fits what you are looking for. If your problem is a small environment, there are models that help optimize the available space. Another feature of the pouf is that it can be used as extra seating for when you receive visits from family and friends. Puffs for living rooms can also be used as a complement to the sofa, so they can be used as footstools. There are models that are even more functional, such as the chest pouf. You can use it in the ways mentioned above, and you can also store personal items and objects, such as books and even blankets. This is a great option because it helps in the decoration, in the optimization of the room, and also in the organization.


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