Caron Crochet Colorwork Hat

How to make your look cool and modern with caps and hats. Learn how to use the piece that is a success in the street style looks of international bloggers and get inspired to adopt it in the cooler days of the year. The beanie, or cap, is an accessory that divides opinions, but that is very present in the street style looks of gringo bloggers. Around here it is still a piece that is slowly conquering the looks of the day. For those who live in colder places it is practically an indispensable accessory in winter, because it helps to keep you warm and also gives a cool touch to your look. But you can also use the beanie in warmer places, the tip is to bet on lighter materials, such as tricot, and get creative when it comes time to put together your look. As the hat is a more informal piece, it makes a difference in any production. You can use it to put together a very casual look, or even to create a tidy look with a more modern twist.

Getting creative with the versatile winter caps can make all the difference in your outfit. After all, there are many ways to wear a beanie that go far beyond the typical street style. That’s right! In this sense, you can compose a sophisticated look with this accessory, which will make you look younger without losing the touch of elegance. Even though it is a casual piece, it can be adapted to elegant, sporty, exotic, discreet outfits, etc. Therefore, there are no barriers to combine this item, which brings a lot of personality to any type of clothing. In fact, you can choose to highlight this accessory even more. To do so, choose a neutral outfit, such as black, white, or beige, and put on a nice colorful hat. If you want, you can also do the opposite: abuse strong colors on pants and blouses and harmonize it with a basic cap, such as a plain black one. In addition, these caps are great to warm your head – in a good way – and also help to tame unruly hair and hide frizz. With winter caps, you have the chance to experience the power of fashion and self-esteem in countless ways. Want to know more? Then check out this post for tips on how to wear a beanie and rock different looks! Check it out!

Caron Crochet Colorwork Hat | Yarnspirations
  1. Discreet – Not everyone wants to draw attention to their caps, right? One way to make a more restrained arrangement is to wear a blouse in the same tone as the hat. This way, it won’t stand out too much in the look. For brunettes, the black or brown accessory provides a trace of almost invisibility. For blondes and redheads, caps in caramel, gray, or pink, as in this picture, make the look a little more sober, despite the irreverence of the piece.
  2. Casual – When the subject is how to wear a beanie, nothing is easier than inserting it in a casual and simple look. After all, as we said, this piece is typical of street style. In this case, a cap in a color close to your hair, a jacket, and jeans are enough to complete the production with a lot of charm. Notice how the caramel with blonde hair brings softness. For brunettes, brown and black provide a very similar result.
  3. Leaked – The leaked cap is another interesting possibility. This is because it is not very common. You can wear it with a nice high ponytail or a bun. But it also works with loose scrunchies, in a style that resembles a hair band, but much warmer. The empty cap can be discreet or more eye-catching. Notice how in this picture the bright red and the blonde color yielded a wonderful contrast.


Caron Crochet Colorwork Hat | Yarnspirations

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