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How to wear a scarf: tips for looks and step by step to tie it! Fall has just arrived and if you’re the kind of person who is already thinking about cold weather looks, there is an accessory that complements the look very well – the scarf. And a common question is how to wear a scarf. After all, the piece is an accessory, but it can add value to your look. The combination of scarf and coat is perfect and looks great for a winter look. The idea is that the length of the scarf should never go beyond the length of the jacket, making the result visually more harmonious. As a look proposal and tip on how to wear a scarf with a jacket, this proposal shows an amazing result.

The leather jacket was used in the all-black winter look, and the gray scarf was the proposal to break the all-black look and add some color, but without straying from the neutral colors proposal. The result was super harmonious and the voluminous scarf was worn looser.

With Dress: Those who think that dress is a piece only for warm days are wrong, the dress also works very well for cold seasons and days, and just add some accessories such as a coat and scarf to put together a winter look. As an inspiration for a look to reuse the dress in cold days, the bet here was to use a striped dress as the base of the look, and complement the look with a plaid jacket and scarf. The mix of stripes on the dress and the plaid on the scarf creates a very interesting mix of prints, but the highlight is the scarf, which has more intense colors.

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With Blazer: The look with blazer is a great way to add a more formal piece to the look, which can follow a tidier style or even a more casual proposal with the blazer to balance the look. And no matter what style of look you intend to follow, the scarf goes well with any look with a blazer. Among the proposals and ideas of how to wear a scarf with a blazer, the idea here was to put together a cheerful look in the winter look, which is usually always in sober and closed colors. In this look, the floral print blazer is the highlight of the proposal, and not to take the focus off the colorful piece, the bet was for the black scarf that matches details of the blazer and pants.

With Jacket The jacket is another piece that works very well for cold days looks and is a great ally in the tips on how to wear a scarf. The accessory can be worn with different styles of jackets, such as leather, military, or even jeans, and there are three essential tips to get it right: Over the collar – if you have chosen a voluminous scarf and the jacket does not have much volume in the collar, the ideal is to wear the scarf over the collar, so that the volume of the accessory will not overload the look. Under the collar – the scarf under the collar, i.e., inside the jacket is only for the thinner accessories, so as not to give too much volume. With the collar up – for those who want to follow a more modern trend, you can bet on wearing the scarf inside the jacket and with the collar of the piece raised. In this look proposal the idea was to use a military jacket with the collar up and a little bulky scarf on the inside of the jacket. The result is very modern and gives a more day-to-day style to the look.


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