Caron Crochet A-Maze-Ing Shawl

CROCHET CLOTHING: HOW TO USE THIS TREND ON A DAILY BASIS! Crochet has won the hearts of fashionistas, luxury brands, and even Harry Styles. But if, like us, you’ve been wondering why crochet clothing has suddenly taken over your feed and the runways, we can explain. What started as a hobby for Brazilian grannies (professionals in making water and gas cylinder covers) has become a hobby for the Z generation. As a way to find escapism in the midst of the pandemic, young people all over the world have started to adopt and share DIY techniques on social networks, and have started to adopt crochet as a way to relieve anxiety and express their style in a colorful way. Remember Tom Daley at the Olympic Games? The athlete who spent the intervals of the competitions knitting is an example of the trend and already has millions of followers on Instagram who follow his knitting and crochet work.

We have already talked here about how the moment of social isolation in recent years has reflected on fashion. The return of crochet clothing to the spotlight is nothing more than a reflection of the search for a more comfortable, handmade, creative fashion that rescues the fashionism of the 70s – the time of the crochet boom. What goes around, comes around. And this has never been more true in the fashion world. If you want to stay on top of the trend that is appearing in tops, dresses, pants, and swimwear pieces, come see what we have separated for you: WHY HAVE CROCHET CLOTHES? If you are the kind of person who always likes to be on top of trends, crochet clothes are for you. Besides being the face of spring and summer, they are part of a differentiated proposal for your closet. With different types of textures, threads, stitches, and colors, crochet can give that boho style and handcraft touch to your look. In addition, crochet clothes are super comfortable, soft and can be worn throughout the year, giving a lot of versatility to your closet.

Caron Crochet A-maze-ing shawl | Yarnspirations

HOW TO COMBINE CROCHET CLOTHING? Despite all the pros of having crochet clothing in your closet, it still may not seem so easy to combine the garment with other elements. But rest assured, here are some tips for you to rock the trend.

  1. CONSIDER THE CLIMATE: First, start by thinking about the weather. If you are thinking of buying crochet clothing in the summer, opt for pieces with not so heavy yarns or those that have some kind of transparency – they will leave you cool and comfortable in the heat. Here, you can even use and abuse the crochet bikini trend. But in case you are in the winter, our tip is to invest in a third crochet piece that will become the highlight of the look, such as jackets and cardigans.
  2. MATCH YOUR STYLE: Another tip is to think about the mood of the look you are going for. If you like the minimalist and basic style, try to wear crochet clothing with neutral tones such as beige, gray, white or black – they are perfect to be worn with tailoring and jeans. But if you prefer a more colorful style and have bet on the Kidcore trend, our tip is to play with colors and try to play with prints and patterns.


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