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First-time mothers are sure to get the biggest shock when they find out how many baby things you need to buy to make a trousseau. Besides being a huge list, a complete dowry also contains many items whose names may sound strange to new mothers. If you don’t know the difference between cloths, blankets, and nappies, you are at the right place! Below we explain what each item is for and how important they are to a young child’s development. What is the difference between wet wipes? Blanket, swaddle, diaper, dummy, and washcloth: all these names, although very similar, refer to completely different items. They all have a specific purpose, which is why it is so important that parents know the difference between these “cloths.

  • Blanket: The blanket is nothing more than a blanket in the ideal size for babies. Since the purpose of the blanket is to provide warmth, this product is usually made of a very fluffy and soft fabric. Antiallergenic blankets are available on the market, as newborn babies can be allergic to certain types of fabric, such as wool. Ideally, the blankets should be thinner and lighter so as not to suffocate the baby, however, there are some options for heavier and thicker blankets – which are ideal for babies born during the winter.
  • Swaddling-cloth: The swaddling-cloth is commonly confused with the blanket. It is true that the two are very similar, however, the swaddle is lighter than the blanket. Liners are usually made of flannel or cotton – which is precisely why they are lighter and less warm. The function of the swaddling cloth is to wrap the baby so that he or she is snug and feels more secure. Mothers who live in warmer regions can replace the use of the blanket with the swaddling cloth so that the little ones don’t suffer with the heat.
  • Cloth diaper: This is the most important and versatile item in the entire outfit. It may seem like an exaggeration, but the truth is that this “cloth” can work a miracle in moms’ lives – no wonder that every mother always carries a diaper in her hand. The cloth diaper can be used to clean baby’s mouth, cover baby’s face while he sleeps, dry his sweat, and much more.
  • Nanny: A nanny can be any kind of diaper or blanket that the baby hugs while sleeping to feel more secure. Having a baby monitor is so common among babies that brands have launched their own products to be used as nappies.
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What is the importance of a baby monitor for babies?
As we have already said, most babies develop an affection and attachment for their nappies or swaddling cloths. Nannies are so important to babies that many cannot sleep or feed without them. Experienced mothers know how difficult it is to wash the dunnies, since babies are always with them for a minute. Why, after all, are babies so attached to their swaddling clothes? The pacifier, the stuffed animals, the pacifier, and even parts of other people’s bodies (such as ears and hands) are considered transitional objects. The so-called transitional object is nothing more than the “safe haven” of the little ones: it is something that the child attaches to for protection.

Transition objects usually represent the mother figure. After birth, the baby takes some time to assimilate that he is no longer part of his mother’s body and that he is now an independent being. This realization creates a certain amount of frustration and insecurity, so the little ones place their needs in their closest objects – such as a baby’s nipple. The baby finds in the transitional object the reassurance and warmth of the mother’s lap – this is why they stay close to their nappies. Having a transitional object is something totally natural and healthy. Ideally, parents should allow their children to grow up and let go of their transition objects on their own – forcing the little ones to let go of their cuddly toys and stuffed animals can have a negative impact on the child’s behavior.


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