Caron Blue Plaid Crochet Baby Blanket

Assembling the baby’s wardrobe is a delight, but the first time mom gets lost among so many options available on the market, after all what’s the point of a wardrobe?! The layette is nothing more than the union of the most necessary items to ensure the baby’s well-being on a daily basis. For babies, items such as cribs, diapers, blankets, bottles, among many others, are part of their daily life and, therefore, cannot be missing at home. Today we are going to talk about blankets, swaddling-cloths and blankets. What is the difference between them and what are they used for? Most people know what a blanket and a blanket are, but there are many variations between them. The swaddle is still unknown to many new moms.

Blanket: A fundamental item in any layette. The ideal is to have at least one lighter and one thicker model. If you can afford to buy more, I recommend having at least one very nice blanket for outings.

  • Knitwear: lightweight and thin, suitable for warmer days
  • Knit: warmer for mid-season and colder days
  • Soft or Felt: thicker and warmer for the winter. Some resemble thin blankets

Blanket: Maybe this is an unnecessary item for mothers who live in warm regions, but for those who live in the South and Southeast it is essential to have at least 1 blanket. From my experience as a mother, I would advise having at least 1 blanket for the outing and 1 for the crib. At first I didn’t buy a crib blanket because I thought the normal ones would be enough, but in the first days of intense winter I missed a heavier and bigger blanket for the baby to sleep well in the crib. With the blanket, my daughter slept much better.

  • Common: usually measures around 70cm and is ideal for day-to-day use and for outings.
  • Crib Blanket: these are larger, usually measuring over 1 meter, and are ideal for the baby to sleep in the crib
Caron Blue Plaid Crochet Baby Blanket | Yarnspirations

Swaddling-cloth: Wow, strange words! But the name alone is strange, right? Actually, the swaddling cloth is nothing more than a thin blanket. In the old days, mothers used the swaddling cloth to roll the baby in a swaddling cloth. This technique went out of fashion because of the risk to the baby, but it has been coming back to the forefront in recent years. It consists of rolling the baby up with his arms close to his body, leaving him tight, which reminds us of the position in which they were in the mother’s womb, so the baby calms down. many experts do not recommend it, so consult your pediatrician about the risks.

  • Diaper: a more traditional model, very light and thin.
  • Knitted: a little thicker than the diaper, it resembles a knitted blanket (in fact some are identical, only the name changes).
  • With Velcro/buttons: nowadays there are mesh models with Velcro or buttons to close the hose at the flaps that finish the swaddle. This is very easy to do, but the downside is that you cannot use it as a blanket.

Final tip for moms:

  • Always leave a thin blanket in your purse. You never know when the weather will change and you may need a blanket. It can be useful for
  • In the cold season, leave a thin blanket (or soft/felted blanket) in the car. It is very useful when you need to take the baby out and the weather is bad, or even drizzly. You can throw it over the baby carrier, the stroller, or wrap the baby in it.


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