Card Trick Quilt

Cast the first stone for those who have never been enchanted by the unique composition of the patchwork quilt from grandma’s house. For this, the technique used is classic patchwork, which is nothing more than sewing the junctions of several “blocks” of fabric that can vary in color and size, usually following the shape of squares, rectangles, hexagons, and other geometric shapes. The combination of textures and patterns yields a great piece – which can range from quilts to more intricate items such as bags – resulting in vibrant designs when well crafted.

This is the perfect possibility to take advantage of fabric scraps from other projects and avoid waste. Furthermore, basic sewing skills and a lot of creativity are required to develop this technique, after all, for beginners, patchwork involves simple stitches, so it is perfect for entering the world of textiles!

Card Trick Quilts Come Together Like Magic - DIY Ways

Quilting is the process of sewing two or more layers together to create a thicker quilted material. Usually, three fabrics are used to make up the project: two for the surfaces and one for the central fabric that gives volume, all with the ends of the fabrics joined by stitches, which can vary according to the purpose of the piece. The bedspread is the end result of this combination. It is common in blankets, decorations, and clothing – especially winter or historical clothing. In other words, your sewing workshop cannot lack this technology to produce larger and more robust orders. This is not because they are different technologies and you have to choose between them. Instead, both can compose your project, resulting in more robust volumes and more stylized compositions. So make pillows, warm blankets, sturdy bags, and even 3D notebook covers! Whatever the product, the result is a stylish and unique piece due to the union of patchwork pieces and, at the same time, a firmer structure, achieved by the layers of quilting.

Innovate your projects! Patchwork and quilting are techniques that never go out of fashion. With them you can create beautiful projects, and when they are used together they result in unique, voluminous, and very stylish pieces. So specialize in creative sewing with versatility, and rely on Brother sewing machines to help you produce! Do you know how to sew and want to earn extra income from it? Then this post is perfect for you, as we’ll show you several ways to earn money with your skill. Sewing at home is already a hobby for many people, as it helps develop concentration, reduce stress, etc. So how about using the time at home to turn this hobby into a source of income and make money from sewing? We have separated several super profitable ideas that you can put into practice, even without much experience. Check them all out!

  1. Small repairs – This is a type of service that has a lot of demand, after all there is always someone needing to adjust a dress, a pants bar, among several other things. Besides, you don’t need to have much practice to make repairs, and some pieces can be adjusted in a short time, which optimizes your work.
  2. Creative sewing – Here is the time to use your creativity to sew all kinds of non-apparel pieces, and even use fabric scraps. You can create purses, decorative items, necessaries, patchwork pieces, American game, and whatever else comes to mind to make money from sewing.
  3. Ties and tiaras – These accessories have several advantages: they are easy to make, have low production costs, and are small, so you can produce large quantities of them.


Make a "Card Trick" Quilt with Jenny! — Quilting Tutorials

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