Budding Beauty Quilt

THE 1930S COLORS AND PRINTS MAKE THIS QUILT SPECIAL, EASILY REDUCING IN SIZE TO A TABLE CLOTH OR WALL QUILT! A beautiful yellow and white background with bright 30’s style prints makes a gorgeous quilt. We love the soft colors and nostalgic feel of this quilt! The background for the applique flowers is formed by a simple piece. Instructions are given for applique turned by hand or sewing machine. You can easily convert the pattern to fusible by omitting the seam allowance around each shape. The finished quilt by designer Linda Hohag of Brandy Wine Design is 88 1⁄2″ × 104″.

Make a smaller quilt using fewer blocks. This would also be a beautiful table, lap or wall quilt. Reduce the pattern to an applique block surrounded by yellow and white blocks for a small quilt that shows off the applique flowers. How to decorate and harmonize your home using flowers in decorating: Decorating the house with flowers and not leaving it looking like a jungle is a secret that many housewives come across on a daily basis. Who has never had a doubt about where each vase should be? Flowers are a huge attraction in any environment.

Besides bringing good energies, they transform the vibration of the environment, making the decoration even more charming and pleasant. Flowers make the house more cheerful and provide a sense of well-being with their blooms and scents, but it is essential to keep the environment harmonious and cozy. The tons of arrangements must always dialog with the furniture and the house painting. It is important to be somewhat careful with the colors of the flowers so that the environment is not too heavy. Those who like a colorful house can opt for vases with contrasting nuclei, but with caution.

30's Colors and Prints Make This Quilt Special - Quilting Digest

It is not only the beauty of the flowers that enchants us; the scents, too. The petals exude smells that stimulate endorphins, bringing various sensations. Flowers with white petals, such as peace lilies, roses, daisies, milk cups, field flowers, and orchids, convey a feeling of peace and freshness. The petals of warm colors (red, orange, and yellow), such as roses, gerberas, sunflowers, tulips, lilies, astromeliads, and chrysanthemums, convey joy, vitality, and receptivity. Light-toned flowers, such as roses and lilacs (hydrangeas, orchids, violets), convey a sense of tranquility and balance. They can be increased with leaves and branches giving an originality to the arrangement. From the most sophisticated to the simplest arrangements, decorating rooms with flowers completely changes the atmosphere. Some care is needed when defining where to place and how to decorate each room of the house. The secret is to choose the right plants for each type of environment you have at home or in the apartment. Knowing how to choose the right species and how to cultivate them correctly, it is possible to keep natural and beautiful flowers even indoors.

Living rooms – The room with the largest circulation in the house, the living room is an environment that offers several possibilities when choosing a plant, because it is usually a well-lit and airy place. The interesting thing is that the arrangements and vases do not hinder movement and vision. In an environment like this, it is possible to export several arrangements as long as they are in harmony. On the coffee table or on the sideboard, the ideal are low and more discreet arrangements; on the living room table, you can abuse the high and robust vases.
Bedrooms – It is not advisable to export flowers with strong scents in very closed environments, such as bedrooms. Orchids, violets, and begonias are great options for decorating the bedroom.
Bathrooms and Toilets – Hydrangea, violet, peace lily, orchid, and kalanchoe are ideal to be displayed in bathrooms, because they support humidity and require little care.


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