Blooms Road Quilt

Patchwork in practice: In a nutshell, it boils down to cutting fabrics in a symmetrical or asymmetrical way. The classic technique has three layers: the scraps called the top, the filling used to give it volume, and finally the lining, which is the finishing fabric. When a sewing machine is used, the layers are joined by stitching, called a quilt. The quilts are continuous designs made with the machine and can be made in various formats, such as hearts, stars, arabesques, etc. There are also patchwork blocks, which are the joining of fabrics to form new patterns, and appliqu├ęs, which are fabrics applied under the base fabric. Origin of patchwork: It is estimated that the technique began in 3400 B.C., when in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs dressed themselves with pieces made from leftover fabrics. This became a fundamental tool in war, as soldiers used the pieces created under their armor.

Today, patchwork no longer takes part in warfare, but is used to transform and create pieces for personal and decorative use. There is already a lot of information available on the internet and specific courses for those who want to perfect the art of patchwork. Beginners should look to magazines and websites for references and inspiration. Crafting is a great idea for relaxing and passing the time. But handicraft can also be a very lucrative craft. So how do you become a professional patchworker and earn money with your craft? There are several patchwork techniques for beginners to train and improve their skills. All you need is the right fabric and the right material to create a beautiful and personal piece. It takes creativity, so let your imagination run wild. Want to learn more about this craft? In this post we will cover how to assemble it for beginners. You will learn about the techniques and fundamentals that every professional in the field needs to know. Read on and get inspired!

Blooms Road Quilt Kit - 67 x 79 1/2

Definition of patchwork – Patchwork is a craft technique in which pieces are created from fabric cuttings containing various patterns and unique composition. It is considered a work with scraps that creates various geometric shapes, such as people, plants, flowers, animals, landscapes, objects, and abstract compositions. Besides beautiful results, it is very popular. For this reason, this type of handicraft usually has a good demand in the market, so it is an excellent alternative to earn income. So how about starting this promising activity to include in your sales catalog? A great idea is to sell your pieces in an e-commerce. You can go further and become an MEI (individual micro entrepreneur). For this, it is important to make a good planning and know how much it costs to start a business. Like the idea? Let’s find out more about it!

Layers – In general, the pieces made with patchwork are usually made with three layers: the top, the filling, and the lining. These layers of material are layered and joined together to create a single object. The top is the upper part of the piece. It is made by sewing scraps of material together, in order to create a geometric figure, depending on the craftsman’s objective. The filling, in turn, is the material that brings volume and dimension to the piece. For this, the material used is usually acrylic blanket. The lining, on the other hand, is the material made of fabric, which is inserted in the bottom of the piece and has the purpose of providing an attractive finish, i.e., more aesthetically pleasing. If these layers are joined by stitching, the technique is called quilting. This is a continuous design formed with stitches and usually requires the use of a sewing machine.


Quilting Land: Blooms Road Quilt

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