Blooming Spring Blanket

Blooming Spring blanket, with beautiful 3D flowers in a beautiful location that has a very elegant final result and is perfect to decorate any room in your home. With beautiful tones, it is a perfect piece to decorate the environment and can be made with neutral or colorful colors, being beautiful and helping a lot in the decoration. Comfortable and beautiful, as well as being very easy to make, which is even better. Crochet is very useful for decorative pieces and that complete the decoration of the house leaving everything more beautiful and with a wonderful look, the Blanket Blooming Spring is a perfect example of this.

This type of piece has been used more and more and is already part of today’s decor. Use your creativity and make beautiful pillows to match the blanket, according to your needs. This can be a nice gift for those who love it or to put it on sale, as it is a product that is increasingly being sought after. Quilts are a very stylish and creative way to decorate, regardless of your style.


Passionate about plants always find a space for them in the home decor. No wonder, the charm of a flower arrangement makes all the difference. Whether natural or artificial plants, it is undeniable that they transform the environment. However, when buying a plant, what is the best option? Natural or artificial? Do you know which one fits best in your home? Stay with us and learn how to make the right choice for a decoration with breathtaking plants!

Blooming Spring Blanket Free Crochet Pattern | Free Crochet Patterns

Choose according to your environment: Do you live in an apartment, work several hours a day and have little time to care for plants? So the best option is to bet on artificial ones. They have no expiration date and don’t need much care. The best thing is to keep them clean by periodically washing and dusting. On the other hand, if you live in an open place, with plenty of sunlight and have time and energy, there’s no reason to stop using natural ones. The aroma and benefits that a natural plant brings cannot be replaced. Increasingly on the rise, succulents are invading spaces!

Find out what are the advantages of natural or artificial plants: Currently it is possible to find models of artificial plants with so many details that they can only be distinguished from natural ones through touch. Add this to the fact that they allow for a greater mix of arrangements and vessels. Mixing several models is valid, which is not always possible with natural plants. Another important advantage of artificial plants is that they contribute to the preservation of the environment. That’s because they don’t need poisons and pesticides like natural ones, and they can be transported more slowly — which reduces the emission of pollutant gases from cars. Natural ones, in turn, are able to offer quality of life through the purification and humidification of the air. Plants photosynthesize to generate energy, and this process also removes impurities and toxic gases from oxygen.

Also be aware of the downsides: Some people find artificial flowers tacky or tacky. As much as this concept has changed a lot, it can still be valid if the choice is not well made. To prevent this from happening, take a good look at the quality of materials and details. Some fabrics, such as velvet, fade easily. The more similar artificial plants are to natural ones, the less danger you will be in danger. Living plants, on the other hand, require time and dedication to stay beautiful and showy. You will have to find out about the species that you will put in the decoration to know how to take care of it. Some need sun, others shade. While orchids don’t need a lot of water, violets should be watered frequently. Other precautions that may vary are the type of land on which the plant will be grown, the pot that will support it and its exposure to wind. If that weren’t enough, most natural plants are seasonal — that is, they don’t bloom in all seasons.


Crochet "Blooming Spring" blanket with big 3D flowers, small flower  applques and cute butterflies appliques

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