Blazing Star Classic & Vintage Quilt Block

Why not make traditional quilt blocks and we add a modern touch. Blazing Star has a beautiful design, and we’ve simplified it so you don’t have to worry about matching seams. It’s time to make your way through this vintage quilt block! What is a block and what is a Sampler? Do you know? There is an infinite number of patchwork blocks and these blocks are formed by the union of cells. The Sampler is the union of several types of block in the same work.

That is why the choice of fabrics to make the blocks is so important. It is necessary to have harmony between the colors of the blocks so that the Sampler looks good and the neutral fabric is also very important, there needs to be a study of the colors before starting each work. Quilting – The word quilting is derived from the Latin word “culcita” (mattress, cushion) and means quilting, due to the insertion of acrylic blanket in the work, for quilting.

Blocks – Ready-made projects are called patchwork blocks, i.e., the patches already joined together to form the designer. The blocks are designated by names and can have from a very traditional look to a very sophisticated one. Quilting a “sampler” may even seem like a challenging task. But quilting for Basic Patchwork Blocks is actually quite fun to do! Each workshop teaches different basic blocks to their students as they start life in patchwork. We have quilted a billion quilts from the famous “basic blocks” of some workshops, and what matters for this type of quilting is the integration of the designs! And then it gets easy, doesn’t it? There are many ways to work this integration.

Decorating a children’s room is one of the most fun moments when we are going to plan or revamp our home. Depending on the age of your children they can even help you choose themes, colors, furniture, accessories and even wallpaper for the children’s room. The task can be quite complicated, both for a boy’s room and a girl’s room, but it is rewarding because the decorated children’s room always looks like a fun and cheerful environment for the little ones. But to help you out, we’ve separated some child’s room decoration tips that are sure to be very useful. “The room should reflect the children’s world, be their little corner and, at the same time, an organized place that makes mom’s life easier when it comes to tidying up.

How to decorate a child’s room? There are many ways to prepare the decoration for a child’s room, because a number of factors must be taken into account when making the project, such as the size of the room, the child’s routine, personal tastes, and so on. And thinking of this way, below we separate different ideas for children’s rooms to help you prepare your decoration. Color Palette – As we mentioned above, light colors are the best options for small children’s rooms, because they help in the feeling of spaciousness, but another great advantage of investing in these colors for children’s rooms is that they offer a neutral base to the environment, allowing you to dare in colorful details that will give a cheerful air to the environment. Therefore, a cool tip is always to choose to use color points for the nursery as colorful niches, a wallpaper for kids room with a more cheerful pattern, decorative pillows or even puffs or decorative armchairs that will help bring more life and a fun touch to the environment.


Classic and Vintage Series: Blazing Star - The Jolly Jabber Quilting Blog

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