Bernat Velvet Post Lines Crochet Throw

Did You Know! According to historians, crochet works have their origins in prehistoric times. The art of crochet, as we see it today, was developed in the 16th century. A Danish writer, named Lis Paludan, tried to find out where Crochet originated in Europe and substantiated some theories, the most likely being that the technique originated in Arabia and reached Spain via the Mediterranean trade routes. Do you know the health benefits of crochet?  Although it is great for happiness, most people, especially crafters, rely exclusively on crafts as a source of income. Therefore, they often forget all the miracles they can perform.

But the truth is that crocheting, knitting and many other techniques can have incredible benefits for our well-being beyond work. So whether you are a professional crafter or a casual crocheter and knitter, know that lowering your stress levels is just one of the positive consequences of these practices.

Sometimes it is not easy to realize that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. Once you learn the crochet technique it is easy to want to go out and make the first piece you fall in love with. And then a lot of ideas and new pieces pop into your head! But sometimes, you just want to let your head flow and do something new, without too many expectations. At first, the piece you are making may not look so good, because you are trying out new stitches, new recipes. Your stitches may vary in size, if you start part of the project today, and continue tomorrow, it’s super normal, but as you gain experience, getting out of your comfort zone, you will make your pieces with more symmetry. So crochet beginners, don’t give up, practice brings perfection!

Crocheting, as well as any kind of craft, is a great idea to relax, pass the time, and even make a little extra money at the end of the month. Besides, how can you deny the love and care that only handmade things carry? It is no wonder that they have been conquering more and more fans, whether producing or consuming these pieces. If you have always dreamed of learning crochet, here is everything you need to venture into this technique. If you already crochet, check out several ideas and inspirations for your new jobs! Starting a new hobby can be really cool. But it is not always easy to research and gather the essential information to learn the basics. If your plan is to learn crochet, here are some good first steps:

Every craft calls for materials, and in crochet it’s no different. Generally speaking, you will need a needle and thread, but sometimes the needle can be replaced by your fingers or your arms. It all depends on the type of piece you want to produce, after all, within the crochet technique, there is an infinite number of styles and developments. Look for the details of what you want to produce, so you ensure that you have the right material on hand. Another tip is that the packages of threads have an indication of the needle size to be used. When in doubt, just trust the directions there! Now, if you don’t know exactly what you want to crochet, you can opt for more versatile materials. A good suggestion would be a thread that you find beautiful (this makes it even easier to delight in your crochet advances) and a double-pointed needle that has at least one side in the size indicated on the thread you have chosen.


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