Bernat Twisting Braid Crochet Blanket

If you love to crochet, you’ve probably wanted to turn it into a business and make money working from home. Crochet is very much in vogue these days, from towels and rugs to bags, accessories, and amigurumi. So the market is big and there are many opportunities to make money. The only problem with all this is that there is also a lot of competition, especially in traditional crochet. Handicraft fairs are full of stalls and artisans selling their crocheted rugs, dishcloths, clothes, and accessories.

This is because crocheting to sell is always the first idea that comes to mind. And it is a very nice way to make money with handicrafts, but it is not the only way. With that in mind, I decided to make a list of several different ways to make money with crochet that go far beyond crocheting and making amigurumi to sell. If you want to turn your crochet into a business, it’s worth thinking of more than one way to make money or extra income. Don’t limit yourself to just one source of income, especially since some of the examples I’m going to show here can serve as a passive income – a recurring money.

Interested? Then read the article to the end and check out the ways to Make Money with Crochet:

  • You Need to Price It Right: Pricing your piece too low will cause you to charge too little per hour worked and not compensate for the effort of making the pieces. Especially since crochet is time consuming. It is important to charge for the time taken, not just the material used. You also need to include in the price the experience and technique you have. The problem with all this is that the final piece can also have a higher price, and not everyone knows how to value handicrafts.
  • You need to make an active effort to sell: You will need to go after customers, advertise your pieces, attend trade shows, and promote your own work. Of course, this effort will be necessary for any of the ways to make money, so it is good to keep this in mind.
    Physical fatigue. You have to be constantly producing, with new pieces, taking orders, and this can often be tiring and exhausting.
  • Dealing with people: You will need to know how to deal with customers, extravagant orders, people asking for discounts or unattainable deadlines, and even defaults if you don’t manage well. Dealing with people is important in any job, but when you need to actively sell your pieces, this skill is even more important.
  • Time: It can take time before your pieces are sold or you start getting the first orders.

If you choose to make money selling your crochet pieces, think about all these points and make a plan. Decide how you will produce: off-the-shelf, fairs, on demand only. You will also need to decide how to sell: at fairs, events, door to door, whatsapp, using social networks, using sites like Elo7 or through your own site, consignment sales… there are many ways. Besides all this, it is important to choose a style and something to differentiate your pieces. Take nice pictures, buy quality materials, and try to understand the reviews and the kind of public and customers you want to attract. Just don’t fall into the trap of selling too cheaply just to get some money, because in the long run it is not worth it. Never devalue your work!


Bernat® Blanket™ Twisting Braid Crochet Blanket

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