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The snowman, one of the symbols of Christmas, comes from the snow in the northern hemisphere, a place that requires people to live together indoors, and the Christmas climate is a moment that provides this coexistence, where families get together to socialize. In cold countries, children go out during the day to make a snowman. They put two large snowballs under each other, a scarf, a carrot for the nose, a hat, oranges for the eyes, and branches for the feet and hands. Even in tropical countries like Brazil, the snowman has become a decoration piece for the Christmas tree. Learning how to make snowmen is a great activity to practice during the family vacations. Your children will love it, and you will certainly have fun playing with it. Even if the result is not a big snowman or if it is not as perfect as the ones we are used to seeing in the movies, what really counts is to guarantee moments of joy and relaxation amidst the snowy mountains.

Step by step of the snowman: how to make it? At first, making a snowman seems simple: just roll three snowballs (one small, one medium and one large), place one on top of the other – the largest at the bottom and the smallest at the top – and decorate as you wish. But in practice, it may not be so easy. If you are planning a trip with children in the snow, don’t waste time: learn how to make a snowman in the step-by-step that we have prepared below and arrive at your vacation destination mastering all tips and tricks.

Bernat Snow Globe Blanket by Repeat Crafter Me | Yarnspirations
  1. Step: Choose the ideal place to assemble your snowman – The first step for those who want to learn how to make a snowman is to find a flat place. This will make it easier to keep the base steady, without the risk of the doll falling or slipping. You also need to choose a shady or partially shaded area, as the sun, even in cold weather, may melt the snowman before you are finished.
  2. Step: Find the perfect type of snow – Just as there are different types of snow for skiing, there is also the right snow to make a perfect snowman. According to those who understand, wet and compactable snow is best, since dry snow does not join easily. To test, take a sufficient amount to make a ball and press it with both hands. If the ball sticks together, the snow is fine. If it falls apart, you probably won’t be able to make your snowman.
  3. Step: Begin assembling the snowman by the base – Take the snow and mold the ball until it is the size you want. For the base, a recommended minimum size is 30 centimeters in diameter. Once the ball is ready, roll it to the chosen location and, from time to time, give it a few taps to firm it up so that the excess snow does not fall off. To ensure stability, you can put a little extra snow around the base of the doll. During the activity, remember to wear thermal and waterproof gloves, as it is essential to protect the extremities of the body in the cold.
  4. Step: Make the middle and top ball of your snowman – With the base ready, it is time to repeat the process with the other parts of your snowman – the belly, a medium-sized ball, and the head, the smallest of the three balls. When they are ready and firm, simply place one on top of the other. A tip is to flatten the bottom and top of both balls to make it easier to fit them together. When all three balls are in place, add a little snow at the joins. Extra tip: Want to know how to make giant snowmen? Just add more snow on each of the parts, proportionally, until the desired size is reached. If you prefer a small snowman, you can eliminate the middle part and leave only the base and the head.
  5. Step: After learning how to make a snowman, decorate it – Now that you know how to make a simple snowman, it’s time to decorate your work of art to make it fun and with personality. To do so, use accessories such as a cap, hat, scarf, ear protector, and sunglasses. Get inspired by Olaf from Frozen – one of the most amazing snow movies – and give your snowman or snowwoman a creative name! Don’t forget the details, like making the snowman’s nose. Use the classic carrot for the nose and buttons or pebbles for the eyes and mouth. For the arms, use two tree branches. If you want, dress the doll with a sweater or other piece of clothing.


Crochet Snow Globe Blanket - Repeat Crafter Me

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