Bernat Simple Baby Blanket

The arrival of a baby in the family is something very remarkable and, for this reason, the outfit is prepared with great care. One of the main items that cannot be missing at this time is a blanket, to warm and bring comfort to the little ones. The crochet baby blanket can be a good option. The crocheted baby blanket is a beautiful, delicate, and comfortable piece for children. With it, the baby needs to feel warm and safe. The whole piece is delicately crafted from appropriate yarns to avoid allergies.

So, before you start making it, make sure that the thread is appropriate for babies, and even if you are a crochet beginner, choose the pattern, colors, and stitches you want to create the piece your way, but in an easy way too. With tutorials and tips, you can learn to do the basic crochet stitches for making beautiful blankets, as well as crochet shoes and other items for your baby’s layette. Baby Blanket: How to choose? Did you know that babies tend to use a lot of blankets? Well, because they need to change a lot of diapers, their blanket use is also higher, sometimes a newborn uses 3 to 4 blankets a day. Older children use fewer than that because they don’t have as much trouble getting it dirty during the day, unless they like to drag the blanket around on the floor, so here’s a tip: better change it often.

Bernat Blanket Free Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern - Crochet Bernat Blanket  Yarn Pattern

There are several models of blanket for children that are made from different materials, in addition to the texture. Some of the most commonly used materials for blankets are cotton, because it is hypoallergenic and its fiber is totally natural, so it is also often used for making bedding. Silk is also a natural fiber and has the great advantage of being able to store body heat. It is also not difficult to find children’s blankets made from other materials such as polyester and acrylic. Another option is the microfiber children’s blanket, which is made of anti-allergenic materials that do not irritate the skin, and is very comfortable and lightweight. In addition to being practical, which is how a children’s blanket should be. It is very soft to the touch and gives a nice cozy feeling. There is nothing better for children, is there? Microfiber blankets don’t have prints, they are usually found in one color, so it’s very easy to adapt to the decoration of the room, because you can find several color options. One very interesting piece of information is that microfiber blankets are made of polyester and have a thermal system that helps keep the body warm, even at very low temperatures. It also helps regulate body temperature, so it distributes heat at high temperatures and retains it at lower ones.

Children’s Blanket: Smart Tips Choose your children’s blanket according to the season, if it is winter, invest in thicker and more consistent pieces. Opt for large blankets. Usually children move a lot during their sleep, so if the piece is small, they may discover themselves. The age group should also be taken into account when choosing a blanket. If the blanket is for a baby, you have to worry about the material of the blanket, because a baby’s skin is very delicate. A good option are blankets made of cotton or microfiber, which are anti-allergy. For little ones who are allergic or for moms who don’t want to risk it, the baby blanket made of synthetic fabric are ideal. They are easy to wash, good at retaining heat, and do not collect dust. Cotton children’s blankets make you sweat less, and are also an excellent children’s blanket alternative.

The most important thing:

  • Baby blankets are mainly used to cover babies and children during sleep.
  • There are different types of baby blankets. These depend mainly on the type of material, size, design, washability, and many other factors. Roughly speaking, baby blankets can be divided into synthetic fiber blankets and natural fiber blankets.
  • Baby blankets made of synthetic fibers are now available at a low budget. With baby blankets made of natural fibers, you can spend a larger budget.


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