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Crochet derives from the French word ‘croc’, meaning ‘hook’. It is a handmade technique to produce objects for decoration or pieces that are used in everyday life, such as bath towels, tablecloths, face cloths, rugs, dishcloths, and even clothes. The limit for this art is your imagination. There are thousands of ways to produce and use crochet. Whether as an ornament or useful objects, it is dazzling, economical, and easy to do; Many people make crochet at home and sell it at fairs or craft stores. To get started, you should invest very little. With just a crochet needle, a roll of string, scissors, and a lighter you can start your production. This craft is composed of the stitches, presented below, that are made with the needle and thread or string. The scissors and lighter are used for the final finish, so that your work does not unravel and remains intact.

Learn something new. Make mistakes and repeat until you get it right. Overcoming the challenge of a new stitch. Watching a thread become something unique, handmade, yours. We well know that the pleasure this practice provides is priceless. Whether as a hobby, a profession, or even a lifestyle. In addition, there are already clear health benefits from crochet. Good for the mind and body, crochet is an activity that can only add positively to your life. Want to understand why making art with needles and thread is so good?

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  1. Improves concentration – Manual activities demand a lot of concentration and attention, and over time, this habit makes you much more focused, both in practice and in other spheres of life. In other words, it is ideal for those who have difficulty concentrating or for times when you are very agitated and anxious.You enter a world where you forget about everything else, being able to concentrate even while standing and waiting for the subway. 2. Reduces stress – The brain chemistry is transformed during – and after – crocheting. In this sense, besides decreasing zilches hormones that cause stress, by doing the activity zilches levels of serotonin and dopamine increase. These hormones are responsible for the sensations of well-being and pleasure, i.e., you leave light, satisfied, and happy after dedicating a little time to your creations. Furthermore, we enter a world apart because of the concentration required, forgetting everything around us, including our problems.
  1. You become more relaxed – Crocheting is repeating movements, and did you know that this helps to calm the heart and lower blood pressure? Soon, our sense of comfort and relaxation increases. 4. accurate vision – The practice still requires an exercise in the eyes, so that over time, the accuracy (exactness) of vision improves. In addition, it lubricates the eyes more, which prevents cataract problems and even degeneration of this essential organ. 5. high self-esteem – Being able to create something from scratch brings a great feeling of pleasure and pride. It generates a feeling of accomplishment and the notion that there is room to express oneself, which helps to increase our self-esteem. In any case, we feel productive and useful, which goes beyond the limits of crochet, changing the way we see ourselves. Well, we can see that crochet only has benefits and brings us good things, so what are you waiting for to get deeper into the incredible world of crafts?! For sure you will have some difficulties, but you won’t regret it!


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