Bernat Modern Geometry Crochet Blanket

Fall has arrived and with it the drop in temperature, take advantage of the season’s weather to redecorate your home using blankets and quilts and make it even cozier. Fluffy or furry blankets are a great way to bring warmth into any environment: place them on the back of sofas and armchairs, at the foot of beds, or stacked in a basket by the fireplace. Besides warming you up on cold nights, their colors, patterns, and textures enliven your winter decor. Because of their softness and coziness, pillows are an indispensable decorative detail for winter, as they make any sofa or bed even more comfortable and warm.

The trick is to choose warm colors and textures that feel like touching! Warm up the walls with a cozy or textured wallpaper. Alternatively, hang a rug, a patchwork or patchwork blanket to make the room cozier, but also very interesting, thanks to an original decorative touch.

Bet on warm and comforting colors such as brown, orange, red and even black – no need to redecorate the whole space, just add some notes in darker and / or warm tones, such as the blankets and pillows themselves or a rug, a vase or a lampshade. If you have an original blanket that you like to display, or scraps of an elegant fabric, use them as an improvised tablecloth. Create a reading nook by a window. All you need is a comfy armchair, a lamp, a small end table or book basket, a blanket and some cushions – then you can stay warm while watching the rain or snow fall outside.

Bernat Modern Geometry Crochet Blanket | Yarnspirations

“Putting the blanket or blanket on top of the comforter, folded in half, is one example, but the big tip is that the colors match. You can even coordinate different prints: stripes with plaids, graphics with textures, everything in a harmonious way, always following common sense and good taste,” says Sandra. Another secret is the comforter. “It is responsible for the great visual sensation of the layers. Each layer is a different product, from a different category. Therefore, the more layers have the bed, the more inviting and attractive it will be, “says the manager. In winter, there is no better setting to feel comfortable and rest. In summer, all you have to do is reduce the layers.

Step 1. place the bed set normally on the bed
Step 2. the blanket (or the blanket) can be placed entirely on the bed or folded in half.
Step 3. the bedspread should be placed on top of the bedding, turning the bar a little so that the back of the product appears, which should coordinate with the bedding. The blanket or quilt, previously placed, does not need to be shown, leaving more space to expose the quilt and the comforter. Normally, at least 4 pillows are used for the rollaway bed: 2 with the pillow cases of the bedding set and 2 with the pillow holders that are sets of the bedspreads.
Step 4. Next, place the comforter, with the option of covering the whole bed or half of it by folding it in half.
Step 5. Finally, place the decorative blanket, usually positioned at the foot of the bed and the pillows next to the pillow. The use of extra pillows and pillows of various sizes is a good choice and gives the final touch.


Bernat® Blanket O'Go™ Modern Geometry Crochet Blanket

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