Bernat Lush Life Blanket

Easily crocheted in Silver Steel and Vintage White, this is a favorite blanket as it fits into any home decor. Bernat, super chunky, chenille-style yarn is available in a range of elegant shades, so choose color combinations that showcase your personal touch. Go from crib to bed with this versatile afghan that you can create in any size you can imagine. What to take into account before choosing your blanket.

As winter approaches, we start pulling heavy coats out of the closet to keep us warm outdoors, as well as thick blankets and comforters to warm us indoors. If you’re not ready for the cold weather yet, or if you want to renew your clothes and snuggle up in style and extreme comfort, find out the points to keep in mind when choosing a new blanket. Check them out!

1 – Know the types of blankets available: The first step in choosing your dream blanket is to know what fabrics it is available in. Among several options found in the market, we highlight cotton, wool and polyester as the main ones. Learn a little more about each fiber:
Cotton: being a 100% natural fiber, the cotton blanket is a light option, perfect for hot nights when we are exposed to air-conditioning, for example. Another alternative is to use it together with your comforter on cold nights.
Polyester: usually found in the form of microfiber, it is a synthetic fiber that is soft and light, but warms up well and is great company for movies on the couch at home.
Wool: The warmest option, this fiber stores body heat well, making it ideal for very cold nights.
Each material is responsible for a different result and is suitable for different temperatures and uses, so it is important to keep them in mind before choosing the ideal fabric for your blanket.

Bernat Lush Life Blanket | Yarnspirations

2 – Consider its use in your routine: To warm you slightly on a cool afternoon or to protect you on cold winter nights, each blanket has a function. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind what your needs are before choosing the ideal option. If you are looking for a light piece that doesn’t take up too much space in your closet, ideal only to be used on cool days while you watch a movie, opt for a thin cotton piece, for example. To warm your bed on cold nights, wool is your choice. 3 – Keep in mind the intensity of use: Accompanying its function, the frequency of use of your blanket should be analyzed so that you choose the best option for your nights. If you live in a cold place and intend to use the piece several times a year, it is indicated to opt for resistant fabrics, besides being warm. If the use will be low and the piece will be stored for a long time, follow the line of products with anti-allergic properties, as well as of smaller volume, to be better accommodated in your closet.

4 – Bet on your favorite style: Mainly according to your use, invest in pieces that, besides quality and comfort, are aesthetically pleasing. Think that, whether on the sofa or on the bed, your blanket will be exposed and, matching the decoration of each environment, the look will be much more sophisticated. If the idea is to pair the product with several bedding prints, for example, choose a plain piece with a neutral tone. 5 – Know how to conserve your new blanket: Often used only in the colder months of the year, blankets can be stored for a long time. With this in mind, it is important that they are well stored so that they are impeccable when you need them again. To do this, always wash the piece before storing it, and place it, if possible in an airy fabric bag, so that it always stays clean and dust free.


Bernat Lush Life Blanket | Yarnspirations

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