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The blankets we use today are made with very different techniques and fabrics than the first ones that appeared in prehistoric times. Back then, our ancestors only needed the skins of bears or mammoths to keep out the cold. Decorative blankets are increasingly high, regardless of the season, is undeniable its weight in decoration. This trend has opened more and more doors for the creation and development of new models, and the options for decorating with them are being increasingly explored. In this article we have separated some tips on how you can decorate your home using blankets:

Next to the pillows on the sofa: In addition to decorative blankets, many manufacturers have begun to bet on new designs and options for the cushions too, use this to your advantage. You can combine the use of some pillows with a blanket on your sofa to create a new, or even more modern, look. The blankets do not need to cover the entire sofa, on the contrary, the contrast that it creates with the fabric of the sofa is the great charm of this style of decoration, put the blanket in one corner and use the cushions on top. Be careful not to overload only one corner of the sofa and leave the others empty. The final result is wonderful. For the choice of colors, try not to deviate too much from the tones of your cushions or some combination with your environment, the harmony between the tones and colors is the key to success.

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In armchairs: As cozy as your armchairs may be, I assure you that it is possible to make them even more so. Using a blanket over the armchair, without covering it entirely, just like the sofa, can create an incredible look in your living room, and besides the extra comfort, we need to take into account the additional comfort that the blanket fabric can bring to your armchair. According to the model of your armchair, even cushions can be used without making it look too heavy. Remember, harmony is the key. Decorative blankets on the bed: Perhaps the most classic way to use blankets in decoration is on the bed, anyway, this does not mean that it is less attractive or interesting in decoration because of this. In any of the environments in which you use blankets for decoration, there is the possibility to create an air of elegance and also create a bold and different look. In the bedroom you can use more harmonious tones that match the style of your room, usually more neutral, or you can combine the color of your blanket with some decorative piece, create a color game and dare in your decoration.

Choose your blanket well: As we said in all the tips, the color of your blanket makes a lot of difference in the decoration, creating harmony or creating a highlight, one point must be clear, choose well the material in which your blanket is made, nowadays there are many different options, from plain and simple to knitted and all worked, The thing that you should take into account when making this choice needs to be based on the style of decoration you want to adopt and what the proposal you want to cover in the environment, for example, if your search is for a more elegant look, a more worked model with a finer finish will be perfect. Understand what your needs are with the environment and this choice will become much easier.


Bernat Love Knot Crcohet Blanket | Yarnspirations

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