Bernat Loopy Llama Crochet Blanket

The arrival of a baby in the family is something very remarkable and, for this reason, the outfit is prepared with great care. One of the main items that cannot be missing at this time is a blanket, to warm and bring comfort to the little ones. The crochet baby blanket can be a good option. During the first months of life, babies spend most of their time lying down. This is why a baby blanket is so necessary. These baby items ensure that children stay warm and comfortable, whether in the crib or in the stroller. Choosing the best one for your baby can be a challenge for first-time parents. The most important thing: The blanket is a decisive factor in the quality of baby’s sleep and rest. For this reason, your choice should be well thought out. Ensuring the superior quality of the materials used to make the baby blanket is key. Always select natural fabrics that will not irritate or cause discomfort to the baby’s skin. These items should be chosen based on temperature and/or season. Summer and winter blankets, as you might imagine, are made from different materials.

The crocheted baby blanket is a beautiful, delicate, and comfortable piece for children. With it, the baby needs to feel warm and safe. The whole piece is delicately crafted from appropriate yarns to avoid allergies. So before you start making it, make sure that the thread is appropriate for babies, and even if you are a crochet beginner, choose the pattern, colors, and stitches you want to create the piece your way, but in an easy way too. With the tutorials and tips, you can learn to do the basic crochet stitches for making beautiful blankets, as well as crochet shoes and other items for your baby’s layette.

What is the ideal thread for crocheting a baby blanket? The best threads are 100% cotton, but you can also use specific strands of baby thread. Crochet threads are usually made of wool, cotton or acrylic, so the choices between wool and cotton are the most favorable to avoid allergies in babies. However, for delicate quilts never use a thick thread, always try soft threads for a firmer, more pampering finish. What is the most commonly used size of a crocheted baby blanket? A standard reference for a square format is 90cm x 90cm. For a rectangular format the length can vary between 100cm and 120cm, and the width needs to be at least 70cm. If the idea is to cover the whole baby it is possible to experiment with other cloths to get an exact measurement and not run the risk of missing length or width of the piece.

How much does it cost to make a basic crocheted blanket? The cost can vary a lot, depending on the material used, since the yarns and needles can vary in price according to the brand, location and size. The ideal size baby blanket can be made with three or four balls, and each 100g ball, more or less, will cost an average of R$15 to R$25. Choose the ball of yarn in the color you want and that is made of a material suitable for babies, in specific lines or 100% cotton. The needle can also vary a lot in price, but it is possible to find one for less than 10 reals. So, to save money you can look for more affordable kits and materials. For much less than one hundred reais you can make the piece, and it is usually sold well above this amount, as a handmade piece. The crochet baby blanket has many possibilities and varieties, so see which material best suits the model you want.


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