Bernat Linen Stitch Stripes Crochet Blanket

EASY FREE LINEN CROCHET STITCH BLANKET PATTERN. Relax and unwind with this tasty crochet throw that is perfect for adding comfort and warmth to your bedroom, family room or quiet space. Designed using our irresistibly soft Bernat Forever wool yarn, this throw works quickly using a timeless linen stitch technique (simple crochet, chain-1). A simple border is then worked into the round to perfectly frame the striped design that never goes out of style. Because it’s such a quick project, you’ll love this pattern as a gift throwing idea!

The weather gets colder and the house becomes an ideal place to enjoy even more. Watching a movie or having a get-together with friends, blankets can be a practical solution to warm up the environment and make everything cozier. How to take advantage of this accessory and prepare your house for the coming winter. Check out details that cannot go unnoticed, so you don’t make a mistake when choosing the blankets. COLORS: The first thing to think about is how to match the colors of the sofa or bedding with the blankets. But, according to the architect, there are no restrictive rules at this point. With the sofa in É de Casa, for example, she dared. “The sofa is pink, but we worked with pink, turquoise and purple. These are colors to brighten it up,” she says. “For narrower rooms or those with lower ceilings, an important tip regarding pattern: “we can work with stripes. The vertical stripes give a feeling of amplitude”.

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TEXTURES: “When we talk about fabric, there is a very wide range: wool, knitting, sued, crochet,” says Elaine. But the architect says it is possible to mix textures without problems. One tip is to use the more closed wefts for colder regions and the lighter ones for the mid-season. And can you mix a closed weave with a more open one and with an animal print? “Yes, anything goes”, says Elaine, showing the example of a blanket with graphics combined with an embroidered one, for example. WHERE TO USE: “The blankets can be spread all over the house,” emphasizes the architect. They can be part of the decoration, both in the living room and in the bedroom. “We get stuck with the idea that the blanket is to be on the arm of the sofa. And, in fact, it can be spread out. You can put it on the seat, more informally, on the foot. There is not much of a rule. The important thing is to start playing”, she says.

Blankets ALWAYS AT HAND: A very nice tip is to use baskets to keep the blankets always nearby. “We can have a basket nearby, with options. What for? When the family or a visitor arrives, each person gets his or her own blanket and it’s already warm”, Elaine says. In the bedroom, adopt also the basket, chests, or even decorate the bed with blankets, so that they are always at hand and you don’t forget all the models you have. GIFTS RECEIVED: Some family member or friend may give you as a gift that blanket that you cherish. Why not make it stand out in your decoration? It can be a favorite armchair, for example. “Set it aside as a standout piece. It brings back an affective memory, a good memory. The piece from your grandmother is the flagship of the decoration”, she indicates.


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