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Decorative blankets are the darlings of winter, because in addition to warming the environment, they give an aesthetic sensation of comfort and coziness. Another great advantage of the product is to protect a sofa, chair, or armchair against animal hair, dust, and other dirt. In the living room, it is common to see a blanket create a different visual perception on the sofa, making it not just a plain block of fabric in the middle of the room. In the bedroom, the object makes the bed warm and gives that layered aesthetic that looks like something out of a magazine cover. Check out how to use this piece in your home! First step: choose your blanket: Anyone who has ever bought a blanket knows that there are several options available in the market. Here are the main features and uses for each type that can be found in stores.

Microfiber – the material is thinner than a strand of hair, with polyester or polyurethane fibers. Therefore, it is very soft and smooth. It favors thermal exchange, i.e., it warms up just the right amount. In addition, it is light and takes up little space in the closet;
Wool – may come from llamas, sheep, or alpacas. Strong and durable, the yarn is flexible and adapts easily. The final product is very warm, making it perfect for harsh winter days;

Synthetic fibers – acrylic, polyester, polyamide are light and dry quickly. The fabric is cool, suitable for warm periods of the year;
Cotton – natural fibers provide comfort and practicality. They are light and easy to wash. They allow the exchange of heat and can be worn both in winter and summer,
Cashmere – this type of wool is considered a luxury raw material. The material is produced by Indian, Tibetan, Pakistani, Iranian, or Iraqi goats. The result is a soft and highly velvety blanket that keeps you warm.

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There are many ways to place a blanket on the sofa, each with a different effect. To customize your decor, here are the most commonly used composition styles. On the backrest – fold the fabric in four and place it on the back of the furniture. This is a good way to protect the upholstered furniture from pets;
Waiter – do you know how waiters carry their napkins? So you can copy the style and use the blanket folded lengthwise and placed on the arm of the sofa;
On the side – place it open on the corner of the furniture, so that it covers part of the backrest and the seat;
Waterfall – open the fabric at the corner of the sofa and let it fall diagonally for a draped effect.
Half sofa – leave the blanket open covering half of the upholstered furniture.
Very versatile, the blankets can still be arranged around the room in baskets and boxes so that guests feel free to chase away the chill.

To warm the bed: Blankets help to make the bed more inviting. Therefore, the ideal is to combine it with the bedding and the decoration of the room. The first step is to choose a color palette in common between the product and the sheets. For a sophisticated effect, prefer a blanket with a different fabric and texture than the other bedding items. One of the ways to make the room look beautiful is to place the fabric arranged over the headboard. Another good idea is to make the bed as usual, fold the blanket lengthwise, and lay it out at the foot of the bed. When winter approaches, everyone wants to keep their house warm. So, discover options to decorate and wrap your home!


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