Bernat Hip To Be Square Crochet Baby Blanket

WHAT IS THE BEST BABY BLANKET? Here you will find out which is the best baby blanket. Whether you are preparing your child’s outfit or helping a new mom, one item that cannot be left out is for sure the baby blanket. When it comes to comfort and coziness, the blanket is indispensable. It will be your child’s companion during the first months of life and will undoubtedly be a very useful item. Those who think that its function is only to keep your child warm are wrong, depending on how it is used, it can soothe your baby and ensure much more peaceful sleeping hours!

Since it is a material that comes in direct contact with the baby’s skin, it is important to pay close attention to some details when choosing, after all, the variety of models is huge. To help you, we have prepared a material with tips on the main materials used, the textures, some indications, how to make them, and much more, so that you don’t make a mistake when choosing the best baby blanket. There are many models of blankets, but the main factor that differentiates one from the others is the material… when we say that there are thousands of varieties, we are not lying! Below you will find the main types:

Bernat Hip to Be Square Crochet Baby Blanket​ | Yarnspirations
  • Knitting blanket: Knitting blankets can be made of natural or synthetic wool. They are great to be used in the colder days because they keep the baby’s temperature. Take the opportunity to choose a knitted blanket that matches a jacket made of the same material, your child will look beautiful.
  • Crochet Blanket: The crochet blanket can be a great option for your child’s outfit. Choose a thread that is soft and suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin. The stitches that make up the baby blanket can be quite varied, so choose the one that enchants you the most.
  • Embroidered Blanket: Usually the embroidered blankets are made of cotton fabric, but this is not a rule. They are more charming and are usually used on special occasions. You can choose embroidery that matches your child’s trousseau, such as sailor theme, floral theme, teddy bear, hearts or you can even embroider your child’s name, it looks beautiful.

BEST TEXTILE FOR BABY BLANKET: The materials that make up a baby blanket can be many, but the ideal ones are 100% cotton, because it is natural, so there is no risk of allergies on the baby’s delicate skin. Another fabric that is natural and widely used in blankets is knitting, made with natural wool, hardly a baby will have allergies to this material. But don’t worry, materials such as polyester are also suitable for babies, some synthetic fabrics, common in Brazil, can receive anti-allergy treatment. The most important thing is that you buy quality products developed especially for babies, so you won’t go wrong. QUANTITY OF BLANKETS: Have around 4 baby blankets, choose two that are warmer and two that are cooler. If you can have more blankets they are always welcome; having a blanket in your purse is a great strategy because this is a very versatile item.


Bernat Hip to Be Square Crochet Baby Blanket​ | Yarnspirations

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