Bernat Hide-Away Crochet Sofa Caddy

Many times we sin by the lack and others by the excess – of objects, colors, shapes… And these elements are so important that they can simply kill the decoration of your environment. So let’s look at some very nice examples of good use of decorative accessories. Take a look at this room: What makes it a thousand times more beautiful are the accessories: The pillows (they light up the dark sofa and bring the white of the chairs into this corner – “inserting” the dark space into the room) The lamp, the blanket, the drawings on the pillows and even the book – have in common the red that softens, warms and illuminates this area.

Even the small paintings make a huge difference (the black and white photos match the gray of the sofa and the white of other elements). The vase of flowers adds cheerfulness and matches the chandelier, get it?

ACCESSORIES THAT MAKE THE SOFA MORE FUNCTIONAL – Some accessories for the sofa can make the room more practical and comfortable. And they even serve to give touches of color to the environment, and can then complement the decor. Examples of accessories for the sofa – Check out a selection of accessories for the sofa that can be very useful: Manta or capa pra sofá: como decorar? You can rock the look with these accessories! To decorate your sofa is worth counting on the blanket or cover, because they can have prints and be very colorful, see? The good thing is that, besides creating an incredible look, the blanket makes the sofa warmer and more comfortable! And the cover protects the furniture well, okay? Want to get some decorating tips? Come with me and I’ll help you!

Bernat Hide-Away Crochet Sofa Caddy​ | Yarnspirations

Sofa cover: accessories for sofa – double-sided coverSofa cover double-sided – Click to see in the store. A sofa cover can increase its durability by avoiding direct contact with the original fabric. But a cover over the entire sofa can look strange if it is not custom made. This is because the size of the arms and the backrest are not fully adjusted, with fabric overlapping in some parts and missing in others. Covers that fit only over the backrest and the seat fit various sofa sizes. And they still leave some parts of the original fabric exposed, creating a color composition that can be interesting. Sofa Cover with Cushions: Sofa Accessories – Sofa Cover with CushionsSofa Cover with Cushions – Click to view in store. The sofa cover can also be used with pillows in the same fabric. This option enhances the cover, showing that it is not just a cloth that was thrown there by chance.

Cup support on the sofa arm: sofa accessories – cup support on the armClick to see cup supports for sofas in the store. Supporting glasses and small objects is a very important function, especially in sofas that do not have tables beside them. And the tray fits different sizes of sofa arms, thanks to its flexible and pliable shape. Cup and remote control holder: sofa accessories – cupholders and remote controlsClick to see cupholders for sofas in the store. Some cup holders also have remote control holders. Thus, this small accessory becomes even more practical. It should not be used, however, when there is a large amount of controls, because the excess weight can make the support fall. Notebook stand: To turn the sofa into a home office, or just to use the computer with more comfort, you can use several types of notebook stands. Some of them fit on the side of the sofa, others work as a small table in front of the furniture. And the simplest works as a kind of tray that fits in your lap, also with various height and tilt adjustments.


Bernat Hide-Away Crochet Sofa Caddy​ | Yarnspirations

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