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Autumn is here and with it the temperature drops, so take advantage of the season’s weather to redecorate your home using blankets and throws to make it even cozier. Fluffy or furry blankets are a great way to bring warmth to any environment: place them on the back of sofas and armchairs, at the foot of beds, or stacked in a basket by the fireplace. Besides warming you up on cold nights, their colors, patterns, and textures enliven your winter decor. Because of their softness and coziness, pillows are an indispensable decorative detail for winter, as they make any sofa or bed even more comfortable and warm. The trick is to choose warm colors and textures that feel like touching!

Warm up the walls with a cozy or textured wallpaper. Alternatively, hang a rug, a patchwork or patchwork blanket to make the room cozier, but also very interesting, thanks to an original decorative touch. Bet on warm and comforting colors such as brown, orange, red and even black – no need to redecorate the whole space, just add some notes in darker and / or warm tones, such as the blankets and pillows themselves or a rug, a vase or a lampshade. If you have an original blanket that you like to display, or scraps of an elegant fabric, use them as an improvised tablecloth. Create a reading nook by a window. All you need is a comfy armchair, a lamp, a small end table or book basket, a blanket and some cushions – then you can stay warm while watching the rain or snow fall outside.

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The crocheted blanket is one of the most popular and easiest items to find in Brazilian homes. This is true for a number of reasons, mainly because this is a cheap product, which can even be made at home with the help of a few tools, and it is also very versatile, with several uses, besides the models available in specialized stores. All this versatility can be seen, for example, in the crochet baby blanket, which in fact is used in many ways, although as a blanket is the most common. The same goes for the crocheted blanket for sofas, which is often used as a cover to match the cushions, in order to prevent the fabric from getting dirty during use, which is also true for armchairs.

Precisely because of this multifunctionality, crocheted blankets are often confused with bedspreads, since it is not difficult to find people who choose to use them as an item of bedding. The truth is that when it comes to the crocheted blanket, the most important thing is to use it in a way that takes full advantage of its benefits, no matter what way or name it is given as a product. If you are one of the crochet blanket enthusiasts, but are not very familiar with its details, read on and check out some valuable information about this item that stands out for being beautiful, versatile, and very affordable. Cochet or crochet is the process of creating fabric using a crochet needle and some continuous yarn, usually wool, cotton thread, silk, etc. but wire, string, or other innovative material can also be used. The art of crochet, as we know it today, was developed in the 16th century. The Danish writer Lis Paludan(1995) tried to discover the origin of crochet in Europe and substantiated some theories. One of these theories is that crochet originated in Arabia and reached Spain via the Mediterranean trade routes.


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