Bernat Crochet Square Flair Blanket

This attractive crochet throw brings a warm welcome and a variation of everyone’s favorite grandmother’s square pattern! Stitched on our plush Bernat Blanket, the stitch work is easy to memorize and fun to crochet. A great project for beginners, you’ll learn to work in round crochet, double crochet, single crochet and chain stitches. Finished with chunky tassels, it will become a favorite in the family room, bedroom, or anywhere! Usually when cold weather arrives, we immediately think of closing the house and taking the biggest blankets and thickest clothes out of the closet. A simple, but very effective way to make the family more comfortable is to use, with due care, heaters, which can be the salvation when the house needs a little help to keep warm.

Another good idea to make the house more comfortable and give the house an extra charm is to decorate, especially the living room, with candles. Having a candlelit dinner party is also a great way to get out of the cliché and give your home a more intimate feel. Other items that we usually use in winter are blankets and rugs, which complement the rooms in the house. Blankets can be very useful for warming up sofas and armchairs, helping to give the house a new look. Rugs, on the other hand, have the power to change the temperature of a room, giving a simple renewal to the decoration. To complement this change of season and make everything more welcoming, pillows are a plaything when we talk about winter decoration, since they can completely change the environment, bringing different prints, textures and colors into the house.

The weather gets colder and the house becomes the ideal place to enjoy even more. Watching a movie or a gathering with friends, blankets can be a practical solution to warm the environment and make everything cozier. See tips and get inspired! How about preparing your home to make it even cozier for the cold weather? With some choices of blankets and quilts for winter you and your home will have much more comfort and style! We have already announced that the color trends for winter are those more neutral, such as off-white and the palette of gray and chocolate, which ensures greater sophistication to the environments.

Winter Colors: Hot chocolate, fireplace, wine, blanket. All this refers to winter, one of the most charming and delightful seasons of the year. Due to the fact that temperatures drop a lot, it is necessary to prepare the rooms to be cozy, warm, and comfortable, and opting for the right color makes all the difference. Winter colors can be applied to any space and provide a different atmosphere for the new season. In 2016, the winter colors were pink and lilac, golden yellow and orange, military green, bluish gray, shades of blue, and Marsala, a mixture of wine red with touches of brown, which has been a trend since 2015. Whether on blankets, curtains, pillows, or in an entire room, use winter colors to decorate your home. Just like in the fashion world, interior design also follows Pantone color trends. Winter colors provide cozier environments and, because of this, have more closed tones, being more pleasant to stay in the cold. Below, we have selected some shades for you to be inspired when creating a winter decoration.


Bernat Crochet Square Flair Blanket in color  Large Main Image 3

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