Bernat Crochet Pet Bed

Dog bed model: how to choose the right one for your pet! A good dog bed should be responsible for transmitting warmth and happiness to the pet. Dogs also need a bed with the right size, shape and material for a good sleep. Learn more about the best dog bed model, and the impacts on your pet’s health! The importance of a dog bed: Every dog guardian knows that these pets love to lie on the floor to relax from time to time. But don’t even think that this habit is a sign that you can do without a good bed! “The bed is a place where the dog leaves his smell, his identity. In it, he feels comfortable psychologically and physically, besides being a soft place to rest”, says Dr. Carolina Pozzebom, Petz veterinarian.

Damage to pets that do not have a bed: From the point of view of physical health, the absence of an appropriate bed brings many losses. “Pets that rest for a long time on hard, rough and uncomfortable surfaces may present a worsening of calluses, in addition to joint pain, bone pain, etc.,” says the specialist. In addition, providing a bed for the dog is a way to make it clear that he has his place, preventing him from climbing on the bed of the guardian or the couch. How to choose the ideal dog bed model: It is a fact that all dogs need a comfortable bed. However, what is comfortable for one is not necessarily pleasant for another. Likewise, a material considered safe and appropriate for a quiet pet may bring problems for a dog fond of digging and gnawing.

Important to note: Depending on the answers, you can choose a model of bed for dogs that respects their preferences. An example is the den for dogs that like to stay in the dark and well heated. There is also the mattress, for hotter and thicker-coated pets. “We should pay attention to the safety of the bed. For example: in the case of the burrows, there is the possibility of it turning over and the pet not being able to get out”, advises Dr. Carolina. “The format should also allow him to lie completely stretched out and that he can nest when he wants to,” she concludes. Now that you know what to consider when choosing a bed, look for the unit nearest you to find the model that best suits your friend! There are so many types of bed for dogs that, when it comes time to choose, it is even difficult to know which to buy, right? After all, we must always be aware of the pet’s comfort and ensure that he receives the best place to sleep. When choosing between the types of bed for dogs, pay attention to several details such as size, material and shape. The choice will depend on where the bed will be placed and the lifestyle of your pet. To not make a mistake when buying a place for your furry to sleep, learn about the characteristics of the beds for dogs and see which will make the pet happier!

What to observe when buying a bed for dogs:

  • Size of the bed: the animal needs to be able to lie down and stretch on it, comfortably;
  • Material: some are furry and warmer, suitable for colder places, while others are made with waterproof fabric, which facilitates cleaning;
  • Age: take into consideration the age of your pet, avoiding high beds for elderly dogs;
  • Climate: think if the material and the model are suitable for the climate. After all, some beds are warmer, then, if used in summer, may not please the furry.


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