Bernat Crochet Cables Afghan, Terracotta Rose

Looking for tips on how to use a blanket on the sofa? This is an accessory with several purposes, mainly aesthetic. We have gathered some ways to use it in this article to guide you in your choice! Read on to check out the benefits of using blanket on the sofa, inspirations and ways to wash it. What are the advantages of using blanket on the sofa? The first advantage is, without a doubt, the decorative one!

The blanket can transform your sofa into a standout element in the chosen decoration model, bringing even more personality to the room. In addition, if the sofa is made of a material that is easy to wear and tear, the blanket can prevent damage. Thus, it works as a protective layer and disguises what is already worn. And if the fabric is considered “cold”, such as leather, the blanket can also help warm you up on a movie afternoon! Finally, there is the advantage of protection for pets. We can’t always control pussies, can we? Nor can we predict their antics! To prevent future “damage” to the sofa, longer blankets can be a great resource!

What are the main types of blankets to use on the sofa? There are several materials: wool, linen, microfiber, crochet, cotton, knitting, and synthetic leather. The tip is to choose the one that best suits the style of your decoration. If it is something more rustic, linen can work! If it is more sophisticated, synthetic leather may be the best option – and so on! How to use a blanket on the sofa? Check out some creative ideas. Let your creativity guide you: don’t be afraid to experiment – that’s how great ideas come about. Checkered, colorful, mixed fabrics, folding, and many other ideas can look amazing in your decoration!

Bernat Crochet Cables Afghan, Terracotta Rose | Yarnspirations

How to use a blanket on a retractable sofa – Since the idea of a retractable sofa is versatility of use, look for a blanket that can go with it! How about one that is the same length as the open sofa? That way, when it is closed, you can fold it up. How to use blanket on corner sofa – For the corner sofa, you can choose a sofa cover, in order to make it more even. Also, you can put short blankets on the arms of the sofa, on the backrest or in a casual way. How to use blanket on brown sofa – For the brown sofa, it is nice to have something that gives contrast, such as a white, pink or cream blanket. Another option is similar earthy tones, such as beige, ochre, orange or a darker brown. How to use a blanket on the gray sofa – For the gray sofa, how about opting for brighter and more vibrant colors? Thus you provide a nice contrast and still harmonize with the color of the sofa! If the decor is more daring, you can also bet on prints. When and how to wash the sofa cover? This will depend a lot on the size and fabric of your sofa; if it accumulates dust and dirt more or less easily; if it is positioned on the entire sofa or only on one part, and so on. However, the ideal frequency would be every 15 days or at least once a month.


Bernat Crochet Cables Afghan, Terracotta Rose | Yarnspirations

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