Bernat Giant Basketweave Crochet Throw

Learn new things, make a mistake and repeat the dose until it is correct and overcome the challenges of new stitches. See a line become unique, handmade, and yours. We are well aware that the fun provided by this approach is priceless. Whether as a hobby, an occupation, or even a way of life. But in addition, crochet already has obvious health benefits. It is good for the body and the mind. Crochet is an activity that can only positively impact your life. Want to know why it’s so good to make art with thread and needle?

  • Ideal for children: Besides being very fun, crocheting can entertain and bring all the health benefits already mentioned, it stimulates psychomotor development, responsible mainly for motor and intellectual skills. These skills are essential for the life of any human being, and the increase of these abilities starts in childhood. That is why several schools already include crochet in their curricula, as is the case of Waldorf pedagogy, which was created in Germany, but is already present in more than 60 countries. Among the several differences present in its methodology, the inclusion of manual arts and crochet is present in its curriculum.
  • It prevents degenerative diseases: By keeping the brain active, including demanding mathematical relationships, crocheting requires concentration, reasoning, and motor coordination, which helps prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • It breaks down barriers and prejudices: There is still a lot of difference between the creations of men, women and between generations, however, one way to break barriers and show that there are no activities specific to one gender or age, is through crochet. Since, when a man is seen with a needle and yarn, or when young women are creating with their hands, society strangers, questions. With this, we can embrace flags that such differences do not exist and that whoever you are, this art can be for you too.
  • It helps to get through difficult times: Currently, we are experiencing something that we didn’t expect and has changed our lives completely: a pandemic. We have to deal with the unknown, we get anxious and have more time than ever, and sometimes we don’t even know what to do with it. During this crisis, a story came out, showing how crochet was a way to deal with all this, how it is good for mental health, and also a way to earn some extra money. This was an example for the current moment that we are all dealing with, but it is valid for any phase of life and in numerous difficulties that appear during it, crochet can always be your faithful ally.
  • Everything is good and can still be your source of income: Nowadays, the handmade is being valued again. And crochet pieces are items that never go out of fashion and EVERYONE has at least one piece. So, there are several opportunities in the market for those who want to make a living from their art. And working with what we love directly influences our health as well. Testimonials about the health benefits of crochet: Crochet has so many important health benefits, that it is even harder not to love this art. Many people say that “crochet is the new yoga,” a healthy habit that can bring the balanced life we all seek. And, yes or no?


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