Beads Quilt Pattern

Guys, handicraft is a manual work that requires a lot of concentration and creativity! That’s why it has several cool benefits for the health of the mind and body of those who do decoupage, knitting, crochet, cold porcelain art, and other activities, see? Come with me to see 10 benefits of how it can help you!

  • Good for mind and body – Craftsmanship develops manual skills, exercising arms and hands, okay? Vision is also used a lot! Besides that, while working or finishing, the feeling of reward can fill the brain with dopamine, which is the hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness. Cool, right?
  • Improves perception of details – When you dedicate part of your time to create pieces and decorate objects, your perception of details gets even better. You can see from afar when a piece of furniture is in need of a paint job, or when the curtains in your house are going out of style, for example. Then, these small observations keep the mind busy and give more ideas throughout the day. This way, there is always something new to do!
Batik Beads Quilt Kit
  • Connecting with people – Crafting can be a way to connect you with clients, friends and family. This is because as you finish some work, you’ll want to show it to everyone, right? And you can even make new friends at specialized craft sites or fairs. You can meet people who have been working with art for a long time and can help you develop new techniques. I love it!
  • Work on your self-knowledge – Self-knowledge is the ability to really know yourself, to know what makes you happy or sad. Since crafting needs concentration, you can use the work time to reflect on life and think about various issues of everyday life!
  • Prevent degenerative diseases – Degenerative diseases are those that impair the functioning of cells and tissues. This is the case of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and rheumatism! But moving while working helps prevent these and other diseases, since manual labor requires concentration, reasoning, and motor coordination. I like it!
  • It puts you in a good mood – As I said before, the feeling of accomplishment that comes when you are finishing a piece releases dopamine, which puts you in a good mood! But that’s not all: while you’re concentrating on fixing a piece, you end up leaving some other problems aside, which is great for relieving the stress of everyday life. This way, you can avoid anxiety and even depression!
  • Recovers your memory – An idle brain can cause you to lose your memory, did you know that? That is why handicraft is recommended for people to keep their brain always active, because this activity trains the capacity to memorize!
  • It activates the sensory channels – Handicrafts activate the body’s sensory channels, i.e. sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. You may even get a special perception, perceiving one or several channels in a different way than other people! Cool, right?
  • The urge to eat all the time, or binge eating – the mind that can lead to many problems. It comes from too much free time and anxiety, see? But since crafting takes over your time and prevents the feeling of anxiety, it ends up decreasing the compulsion to eat!
  • It can be a good source of income – Last but not least, crafts can be a special way to earn extra money! Friends, family, and even strangers may love the pieces you make and buy them. How about learning about the different types of crafts? There are so many ways to unleash your creativity that you will want to practice them all! Just take a look here.
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