All Wrapped Up For Christmas

ALL WRAPPED UP FOR CHRISTMAS, SUPER QUICK AND EASY QUILT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Looking for something to make with your favorite Christmas fabrics? Then you’ll love the “All Wrapped Up” quilt pattern. Choose a variety of fabrics to give this quilt its scrappy look. Select from your favorites or choose fat eighths from a particular fabric line. This whimsical patchwork quilt only looks complex. It’s comprised of fabric strips and squares. Even the triangular bows are made of square blocks of fabric. Plus, the fabric pieces are large, so this quilt will sew together quickly. Beginning quilters shouldn’t have any trouble at all completing this quilt. The finished quilt designed by Kate Spain is 55″ x 65″ inches. Make it bigger or smaller by adding or deleting rows of “presents”.

The first gifts came about when people could not be somewhere, and so they had some object delivered. It was a way to remind people of their presence. The word “gift” comes from putting yourself in front of someone. That is why giving a gift is making yourself present. Or at least, it should be that way. Over time, the exchange of gifts has become a social convention in certain situations, such as birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, among other dates. With consumerism and the accelerated pace of life, people started buying presents automatically, without thinking about what it means. More important than what you give, is to dedicate a little time to think about why this person is special to you and how to please him/her. we don’t always have the time we would like to dedicate to a gift.

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But just think, wouldn’t it be better if we gave less gifts, but more special gifts? Less quantity and more quality? Less consumerism and more affection? Gifts are an opportunity to show feelings such as admiration, gratitude, love, and friendship. Finding a special gift is not always an easy task. Why do we, and should we, give gifts? Inside gift packages we find much more than an object that was bought somewhere. The act of giving is old and brings with it exchange, gratitude and admiration for someone. Ironically, it is much less than a piece of lace coming undone and much more a bond forming or tightening. And sometimes it is so instinctive or cultural that we don’t think about all that it means! Come with us to understand where this practice comes from, and who knows, maybe at the end of this text you will be so happy that you will decide to give us a present too?

Origin of gift giving: We wouldn’t be able to say where exactly mankind started exchanging gifts, but the fact is that it is something very, very old. The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas, for example, is a reflection of the biblical passage in which the three wise men bring symbolic gifts to the baby Jesus. To have an idea, the Christmas gift exchange was made official by Pope Liberius in 354 A.D. It’s a long time, isn’t it? We also know that many tribes around the world exchanged or gave gifts to each other. Some people offered various kinds of gifts to the deities, and our society also often “presents” people who have passed away with flowers – also representing this ceremonial character. Interestingly, the pioneering biologist of Sociobiology, Robert Trivers, argued in the 1970s that we are reciprocal altruistic beings. That is: in a positive way, if we are helped or believe we will be helped… we help back. The fact is that all over the world and in all times, gift-giving is about love, reciprocity, and gratitude.


All Wrapped Up Quilt Pattern

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