Alissa Easy Crochet Blanket in Eight Sizes

Welcome to Craft For The World, prepared for a new standard?! The crochet decoration is a delight! It has already embellished houses of several generations, and it continues to be a trend in interiors. In this post we’ll talk a little about the history of crochet, and especially about how it can be explored in interior decoration, keep reading, and learn more. It is said that crochet arts have prehistoric origins, it is not known exactly how they came about, but they say that the technique has French origins, and with time it was extended to other countries, until it became a handmade symbol in the world.

In other words, the technique is really old and is part of the culture of many peoples. Crochet is a completely manual technique and is passed from generation to generation. Whoever does the work needs skill and patience to develop crafts made only with thread and needle. Usually, those who practice handicrafts learned from their grandmother, mother, or else took some professional training course.

Considered as a timeless item, crochet decoration can warm up the winter, add textures to environments, renew the look of a piece of furniture, or simply give a retro touch to the space. Crochet is handmade and its artisanal feature is perfect to ensure a much more personalized, cozy and charming decoration. In addition to these features, maybe you have memories of the crochet towels that filled your grandmother’s house with charm, and that’s why you want to relive that memory in your decor. Crochet pieces are wild in decoration and can be used in any environment in the house. Next, we’ll show you how to use crafts in every corner of the house to make them more charming and with that delicious feeling of coziness. Crochet is a wild card in the decoration. In addition to bringing color and texture, it also heats up every room in the house during the colder seasons. And who doesn’t love a beautiful and at the same time cozy space? For lovers of original decor, crochet is the ideal choice: handcrafted, it adds more richness and exclusivity to each piece.

Alissa Crochet Blanket Pattern - Easy Crochet

Decorating baskets – Baskets help organize any corner of the house. And crochet, in addition to organizing, complete the decoration – after all: everyone loves optimizing beauty and organization, right? Crochet rugs – Practical, the rugs are responsible for the warmth of the house, bring a more welcoming design and color your space. And the big advantage of the crochet rug is this: you can use it in any room in the house, without worry. Decoration toys – Aaah, that’s easy, right?!

They can be used in the children’s room, the office, or even on the bookshelves in the living room. Crochet toys are a charm on their own and, if used in the children’s room, ensure your child’s safety. How about starting decorating with a cute turtle? Now there are no excuses! In addition to being a trend, crochet is more affordable than you might think. And that’s not all: you decorate your home while helping to ensure a better future for the wonderful artisans who produced it.

  • In the children’s room, baskets can be used to store toys, such as the Bali Medium Basket. As they are crocheted, they are safe and can be left on the floor, putting everything within reach and encouraging order from an early age.
  • In the office, the smaller baskets serve as a pencil holder. Taking away the monotony of the desktop and leaving everything with you! The bigger ones, like Caixa Organizadora Bali, can organize that paperwork, magazines or other materials that you don’t use that much, but you need a place to keep them – here between us: the table is not a place to “keep” ” nothing OK? OK.
  • In the living room, they go beyond! If you love having plants indoors, you can make this habit even more pleasurable. The Bali Organizer Box can serve as an elegant scarf for those looking for an alternative to common scarves.


Blanket in Eight Sizes + Quick Crochet Blanket Pattern + Alissa Throw

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