Four Patch Charm Quilt

Welcome to our website and you are helping thousands of people who like quilt like me. I am happy with any comments received or even a picture of the result of your work done on our site, with the most beautiful standards available to everyone and we are always posting new standards to keep you up to date.

The pattern we learn today is Four Patch Charm Quilt, many people who visit our site like Quilt, and we are always putting new standards.

The pattern we will learn is called the Four Patch Charm quilt, a delicate pattern with brightly colored geometric shapes. I really like how the blocks are joined in the formats and I am very happy with the result. It is like a mixture of several squares inside one another with a space, for me it resembles a 3D image, you can make the color you like and prefer your work, wash the fabrics and move on to improve when joining and working better done. .

Below you will find the image of a mix of colors that I really liked and brought as a template and also the free step by step pattern with all sizes to make this pattern and a tutorial video.

Pattern Free for You ☞  Four Patch Charm Quilt 

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